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Compensation Statement of ArcheAge Gold in MmoGah Official Website 2.0

By John Ryan2015-11-11

As a professional virtual currency seller, Mmogah was established in 2006. Within the period of nearly 10 years, Mmogah has owned large number of royal members and good reputation among gold buyers. Similar to other popular in-game currency like FFXIV gil or WoW gold, we also sell ArcheAge gold in our online store. However, there is a problem that almost all ArcheAge gold buyers more or less worry about whether they can buy safe ArcheAge gold especially in the situation that gold-removed issue occasionally happens  at present.

For ArcheAge gold safety issue, Mmogah always suggests our customers buying ArcheAge gold via Auction House, and this gold delivery method is considered as the safest at present. Additionally we also suggest that ArcheAge gold buyer should try to put varied items on Auction House in order to make the gold trade like a normal deal between two players in Auction House.

If your ArcheAge gold bought from us unfortunately gets removed by Trion World within 24 hours since your order is completed, we will try our best to compensate your loss (If more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us).

Here, we want to remind all our customers that you need to provide proofs below to us:

  1. Order No.: We need you to provide Order No. from Mmogah.

  2. Time Limitation: The time of the gold removed must be within 24 hours since your order is completed at

  3. Screenshots: We need your valid and sufficient screenshots to prove the time as we mentioned on second point. The screenshots should be the  notification letter from Trion World offical.   (The screenshots can not be edited by any software)

archeage gold compensation(software).jpg

4. Compensation of Gold Amount LimitationIf more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us.

After you provide proofs, we need a while to check them. If you have gone through the verification, Mmogah will immediately make gold compensation to you.

In order to avoid gold getting removed, we suggest that you’d better use the gold out as quickly as possible after receiving it. 

Above all, we totally understand that you will be angery and anxious when your gold gets removed. At that time, please just take it easy and coordinate with our customer reps (Contact our reps via 24/7  Live Chat), we will give you a satisfactory answer. This is why Mmogah owns lots of royal members and obtains good reputation not only amongest gold buyers, but also on Trustpilot and EpicNPC forum. MmoGah is really worth being trusted.

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