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Blade and Soul: New Character and Hongmoon Power Leveling Are Hot Sale on Mmogah

John Ryan March 23rd, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Silverfrost Mountains Expansion for Blade and Soul Is Coming on March 23

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion for Blade and Soul is coming March 23! Players will soon be able to travel to the Silverfrost Mountains where eight new dungeons, a new capital city, new quests and much more await players. The new expansion increases the character level cap to 50,   Hongmoon Level cap to 10, an upgraded weapon and accessory path, and clan crafting improvements. This is also the biggest change in the ongoing story, which makes you revenge for your school and master in the engaging world.

Silverfrost Mountains Expansion for Blade and Soul Is Coming on March 23

“The character level cap to 50” and “Hongmoon level cap to 10” are two main changes that you guys really care about. The increasement of Character level cap and Hongmoon level cap unlocks an entirely new continent full of new zones, new quests, and new challenging endgame content. When it comes to Hongmoon, a detailed and useful Hongmoon Secret Technique has to be mentioned here, which provides a fast Blade and Soul Level-Up guarantee.

Silverfrost Mountains Expansion for Blade and Soul Is Coming on March 23

Certainly, it will be a new challenge for you to boost your character to Level 50 and Hongmoon to Level 10. As we know, Leveling up needs players to do main line quests and grind dungeons again and again, however most players have little time to focus on it. So, players are willing to ask a professional blade and soul power leveling website for help. A reliable and professional website will serve you with 100% secure, 100% satisfaction and 100% handwork, working hard to customize your personal leveling service with reasonable price. Mmogah strives itself to be a reliable and professional website, and pursues a high-quality bns gold and power leveling service. That’s why so many players choose blade and soul power leveling at Mmogah.

blade and soul power leveling

On March 23, character level cap and hongmoon level cap will be separately up to Level 50 and Level 10 due to the new Silverfrost Mountains Expansion. So, Mmogah will accordingly adjust its power leveling service at once, and welcomes all of you to purchase Blade and Soul Gold and Blade and Soul Power Leveling from Mmogah.


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