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Blade and Soul News & Guides

New Guide for Level 50 in Blade and Soul

Leo JiangSeptember 30th, 2016

As more and more players are reaching level cap in Blade and Soul, so I would like to share a guide for new level 50's. I hope it helps any new players.

What is the Best Soul Shield Now

Leo JiangSeptember 23rd, 2016

What is the best soul shield now? Going to have to disagree on a couple of those. Fresh 50 should be full Northern Critical. People should be going from the story shields (moonwater/jiangshi) straight to northern crits in Blade and Soul. Replacing once they get 2-3 well rolled other crit shields and they can move right into fusing.

Blade and Soul Will Be Available on Tencent Game Console

CelindaSeptember 15th, 2016

With Haier producing the hardware, Intel providing the chips and Tencent building up the game store, Blade is expected to operate many games by Tencent, such as Blade and Soul, League of Legends and Monster Hunter Online.

Champion of the 2nd BNS Costume Design Contest Be Announced

Dean WinchesterSeptember 09th, 2016

After one month of selection and fans’ contributions, Blade and Soul (US) announced the champion of 2nd Costume Design Contest. A player named Yin Kuoi won the final with his fantastic design-Wonderland.

2 Scheduled Mobile Games of Blade and Soul

Dean WinchesterAugust 31st, 2016

The rapid development of mobile games has a certain impact on client games. This impact seems so obvious in Korea, which relies on games export so much. From 2012, we can see the profits from client games has become increasingly squeezed compared with mobile games in the annual financial sheets.

Twisted Grimhorn wilds, Gloomdross Incursion and Shattered Masts’ Guide in Blade and Soul

John RyanJuly 14th, 2016

In July 20, Blade and soul will release the new update-Shadows of the Innocents, which includes the new story of ACT5 and 3 new heroic dungeons. Today, mmogah wants to share you with the guides of Twisted Grimhorn wilds, Gloomdross Incursion and Shattered Masts.

Introduction of the Tower of Infinity of Blade and Soul

John RyanMay 27th, 2016

The Tower of Infinity will be presented to Blade and Soul players when the Vengeance Breaks update released, which is an ultimate single-player dungeon. In this tower, player will face humanoid AI-controlled boss of 8 existing classes of BNS.

Guide to the Altar of Divine Will of Blade and Soul

John RyanMay 24th, 2016

The battle between the character and Jinsoyun finally erupted at the Altar of Divine will. Jinsoyun determined to summon the Dark Lord to the Eastern Realm to fulfill her ambition. This dungeon is only available for a 6-man team.

SPOILERS: The Story of Act 4 of Blade and Soul​

John RyanMay 20th, 2016

​With development of the storyline of Blade and Soul, more and more players want to know what will happen in ACT 4. What is the ending of Jinsoyun? What is the relation between Jinsoyun and the Four Guardians? What is the fate of the Talus Dominion? Today, mmogah wants to tell the story of ACT4 in CN version.

Guide to Vipercap Gauntlet Event in Blade and Soul

John RyanMay 12th, 2016

From May 11 to June 1, players level 36 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern through the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby. It’s a race against time to defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap inside.

BNS Weapon Path and Gem Hammer Changes Are Coming

John RyanMay 06th, 2016

After had collected players' feedback on weapon path and cost, NCsoft started to analyze available data regarding the progress of weapon, and then NCsoft announced weapon path and gem hammer in the game will be changed in the upcoming weeks. These progression changes in the game that are expected to significantly enhance overall gameplay, which is an exciting and good news for blade & soul players.

Guide to Mushin's Tower F9-15

John RyanMay 05th, 2016

Guide to Mushin's Tower F9-15. An isolated tower sits off the coast, remote and inaccessible until now. The Tower of Trials, as the dungeon is also known, contains 15 floors of increasingly-difficult challenges, each designed to be faced as a solo player.

Will My BNS Account Get Suspended or Banned Because of Mmogah

John RyanMay 04th, 2016

Every bns player was panic when many accounts got suspended or banned by NCsoft. They are afraid their accounts got suspended or banned suddenly without any reason, especially some players who have bought blade & soul gold from the third party, "Will my account get suspended or banned because of the third party?"

Blade and Soul Guide to Sogun’s Lament Bosses

John RyanMay 03rd, 2016

When you hit level 50, you can grind Sogun’s Lament (Snow Jade Palace of Grief) that is a new and challenging dungeon, and it has the most difficult boss to beat, offering a new pinnacle of content for players to tackle.

More details about Shattered Empire Update

John RyanMay 03rd, 2016

Welcome to Shattered Empire update of blade and soul, a new section of Mushin’s Tower F9-15, and a brand new 6v6 objective-based PvP mode: Whirlwind Valley, two heroic dungeons: Sogun's Lament and Cold Storage are now open to players!

How to Farm BNS Gold from Professions - Crafting and Gathering

John RyanApril 28th, 2016

"There is one thing that I just couldn’t wrap my head around when I first started playing blade and soul, it was the crafting system. I’ve played plenty of games in my gaming career, but a crafting system in blade & soul unlike others I’ve ever experienced. The game's big income is obtained through dungeons, and professions (gathering and crafting) are a big part of any player's much-needed in later game stages."

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