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Top 10 Tips You Should Know in Bless Unleashed

By Shirley Huang2021-09-18

Bless Unleashed is a relatively new game on the consoles and one of the latest release titles on PC. The game's systems and mechanics are complex, so it can be discouraging for many new players since they might waste their time and resources. Thus, it would be smart to go through some tips and tricks in order to level up fast. Here will share with you the top 10 tips in Bless Unleashed. Every new player should know them before jumping into the game. Let's get started.


1. You Can Change Your Controller Layout Between 5 Different Options

You can change your Controller Layout, and you will be surprised how many people don't realize this.


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There are five different Layouts, offering players a range of choices on how they'd like their Controls to be mapped. These can be accessed in the game settings menu from the start screen. You can choose any one from five different Layouts, thrust the options menu, and press X game setting. From here, select Controls and make your desired Layout selection. I personally prefer Layout 2. Don't use the default Layout.


2. Use the Dream Dungeon Prologue to Try Out Every Class

You can try out every Bless Unleashed class by creating a character and playing through the Dream Prologue. Many players have characterized this experience as a character with their true potential, but this isn't true. These characters in the dream sequence use an upgraded version of their blessing counterparts at the end game. They also do not have any fancy gear sub-stats.


Now you have a real end-game character. It will give you an opportunity to try out each class and know which class suits you, so definitely try to do that. The Dream Prologue is a great place to experiment and figure out if you prefer a Mage or Ranger.


3. Do Everything Literally in the Game: Side Quests, Regional Quests, and Dungeons

Do everything literally and gather everything you see, as the trees will give you wood or herbs, and mine will give you iron or metal. These items can give you all sorts of important crafting materials for every crafting discipline, including Pyrites, cloth armor, and rubies. All of them are very important.


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Be sure to get every chest on your mini-map, as these chests will contain bag pieces that you need to expand your backspace. You should grind everything: dungeons, Regional Quests & Side Quests to get experiences.


If you do every available activity, you will rush fast. Do every Regional Quest that is available for you. Make your reputation repeatable and even get into the craft as soon as you can. Bless Unleashed is a marathon, not a race.


4. Be Courteous to Your Fellow Player

There are a few rules that every new player should be courteous to other players.

For example:

      • After being revived from a knockdown twice, you should pick yourself up with Bless Unleashed Star Seeds or go back to the pyre. People like to be picked up in battle. It is a nice thing for your fellow gamers, and they also remember that you have friends on here.


      • Don't get hit by the revived murderers, and you'll understand when you get their rules.


5. Your Stable Is Shared Account Wide

If you unlock a horse or a pink ostrich on one of your characters, every character on your account can use the same mount. Feel free to flaunt your Stable whenever you create a new character.


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6. Review All of Your Character Skills, Combos, and Blessings

Open your skills menu, review each part of your combos, figure out which combos can do the most damage and can be used in specific situations. It's especially important to compare the damage numbers. Describe the ability and the combo required to perform the ability from the right-side panel, read the total damage section of each skill and commit to memory which skills can do the most damage. These skills will get augmented by gear later on and may become incredibly important tools for you in battle.


Be sure to review each blessing available for your class. I recommend using and leveling all blessings, and you'll have plenty of time to earn skill XP.


7. Use the Map Legend Feature to Find Active Region Quests

It is hard to figure out the region quests, so you can actually filter your map to see every available region quest. Simply press r3 in the map and select region quests from the legend, then you can scroll all the way out and see every available region quest.


Region quest is the only method of obtaining skill XP outside of quest, so try to do as many as possible. If two objectives on the map are nestled together very tightly, you can use the D-Pad to switch between map objectives, allowing you to see those prestige quest objectives hidden behind the quest markers to max your blessings.


8. Save and Use Your Star Seeds Wisely

Bless Unleashed Starseeds are important currencies used to enhance your gear & resurrection, a battle for teleportation, and trade on the open market. As a very precious commodity, you'll need as many Star Seeds Bless Unleashed as you can. As you level up, you'll get more daily star seed exchanges, so be sure to check every couple of levels to see if you've earned another daily allotment.


As far as we know, if you are at level 20, it will give you five daily opportunities to buy Starseeds Bless Unleashed. They can be wasted incredibly easily, so be sure not to use them for battling resurrections or teleporting unless they are absolutely necessary to do so save your Starseeds Bless Unleashed for enhancing and improving your gear.


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9. Work on Improving Your Faction Reputation Early

It is incredibly important to work on your faction's reputation, not only for advancing the main story but also for obtaining potions, recipes, and even the powerful Storm Chaser Blessing. A representative from each faction will offer two repeatable quests every day. These quests can be completed up to three times per day. After obtaining honored with a faction, the faction's Prestige Quest will become available. For those who are level 25 or higher, these Prestige Quests will reward you with B rank gear, so be sure to complete them. They will require you to complete four Regional Quests within that faction's territory, and you can see which Region Quests are required on the map, and then you'll have 48 hours to complete these quests before they reset, offering you other Prestige Quests to complete.


10. Gear Score Is More Important than Your Level

There is one way that players can get away from weaker abilities, but they can obtain a high level. That is Gear Score, which determines how good players' items are. Currently, it's also the best way to see how well a player does against another one.


In Bless Unleashed, a player with a high Gear Score will usually win against someone with less Gear Score, so rare and more powerful items typically trump attributes and levels.


All the content is quoted from DM21 Constellation's video.



Lastly, we hope that these top 10 tips are helpful for you.


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