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Bless Unleashed Leveling Guide: 30-40

By Shirley Huang2021-10-08

Leveling Up in Bless Unleashed is not a quick process. As you increase your level, you will unlock more content. Each quest is level locked, so you should be level 30 or higher to unlock more challenging content.


These are a few locations for XP farming that will help you keep things rolling after completing quests. You can grind a group of mobs in these locations to get an amount of XP. Today MmoGah will guide you on how to level up fast (level 30 - 40) in Bless Unleashed.


Level 30-32

Welcome to Timeless Jungle. Zoom in the map, take this teleporter at Webfoot Village, grind XP, and complete the campaign quest "to the Timeless Jungle".


bless unleashed leveling-1


From level 30 to 32, you can grind XP at this place, and it will trigger an invasion when you kill every single mob here. If this place is full of people, you can go over to this location in the Azurethorn Woods. If you make a single mistake, you will die as these plants don't really care about the fact that you are level 30, level 40, or you have gotten the gear. I only have 10 000 defense at the moment. If you want to grind XP at this location, you should quickly own Elixir of Blades and Panacea of Stoneskin to have an extra defense. I definitely recommend having 13,000 to 14,000 defense to do this safely.


If you don't want to grind XP here, you can also check out another location, which is a little bit towards the north – Temple. Let me show you a little trick that you can do as a Mage, Priest, or Crusader to get the archers in one area. If you don't want them to reset, you can hide behind this little post box, and then all the Rangers will come over here, and you can clear them. Remember this is from level 30 to 32, and this location is the best spot because you can get Raw Meat, Artifact Cores, Star Seeds Bless Unleashed, and Mounts.


Mounts are a big important part of the game, and you can have a chance to get a tame card from these mounts. If you unlock the Regional Quests in the north, they will give you XP.


Level 33-35

There are three spots, and nobody likes farming mobs. Unfortunately, sometimes this is the only way to do it. This is how I got to level 34 in a day. All these tricks are fit to every single location, and you'll reach level 35 in no time, but you have to really get to know them.


After you have done with that, you can go to the last area. I like going to these spots because once you clear out every single mob, you can basically go back to the original spot, and all of them have already spawned back, so you don't have to wait, and you're just constantly killing monsters.


Other than that, you're safe to get to level 35 and unlock Abyssal Chest Keys. You may get an Abyssal Chest at the end of an Abyssal Dungeon, and these will require Abyssal Chest Keys to open.


bless unleashed leveling-2


Level 36-38

Do all of your Regional Quests in the north, which will give you the fastest XP. It's not the blue campaign mission that unlocks everything once you do your missions. Just go back to Sperios. You can unlock the Regional Quests, kill the northern bosses, and kill all the Zombies. Never kill monsters that don't aggro you, as that's inefficient.


You can get your level 36 monsters in Sperios. Actually, there are two spots: Eidolon Forest and Hellhounds. Hellhounds is the best one by far because there are two rotations: the north & south side and Oscarta Digsite.


Important Tips:

Completing trials will unlock new titles for your character sometimes.

Master Enhancement Artisans are the most expensive, but they are also the only Enhancement Artisans with negative effects.

The Unlicensed Enhancement Artisan is Padana that charges the lowest lees for his work, but there is a chance item will be destroyed if the Enhancement attempt fails.

You can unlock Prestige Quest after completing the respective region's campaign quest.


bless unleashed leveling-3


Level 38-40

The different spot from the Hellhounds is that Pixies can give you their elite mobs, so if you kill the Pixies, they will give you double XP. I'm getting significantly less XP because I am level 41 that gave me about 18,000 XP, and they're not going to give me the XP that I need. This is basically where everyone loves to go and where all the dramas start. Do not stay here by yourself unless you're a Berserker or a Ranger that has crack stats. Otherwise, you will die.


Thank you, TheGuitarist562, for the amazing video. We hope that this leveling guide is helpful for you.



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