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Analysis of Max Level in Riders of Icarus

By John Ryan2016-07-20

In Riders of Icarus, as the Open Beta starts the max level and the attainable will be level to 25, and in July the level cap will reach to 35 after several updates. With nothing glamorous, in the first closed beta the level cap was lvl 20, it was only used for testing out the overall thoughts there and what the reaction of players.


In the second one adding with a new regain, it is expanded the level cap to level 25, and people could tame the awesome beasts, and it is a challenge for players that a new 10 men raid the boss with enough difficulty and keep them interested in it, however Nexon didn't expand the level cap in the third closed beta, instead a new combat mode is added and called action combat, the ability to "sprint" while on ground mounts.

analysis of max level in roi

In the third depending on the fact closed beta they didn't raise the level cap, in the open beta they might not change the level cap, and it would be a grave business decision, and could hurt the game in the long run, so Nexon will have to pick a level cap with enough content duo to that, and not too high to skip allot of content, while holding players till they can deliver the next wave of dungeons and zone(s), and world bosses, familiars etc. .


Most classes have all the necessary skills for PVP, which will make the game hyper competitive, in addition to that, the world PVP map is unlocked, and enough PVE content to satisfy the hardcore players for three weeks to five weeks, if not more.

analysis of max level in roi

Level 40

Reason: as most classes are close to combat maturity, and the game offers enough challenge at that level. Leveling from 25 to 40 is actually faster than leveling from 1 to 25. Leveling from 25 to 50 is only a few hours longer than leveling from 1 to 25. So far, exactly we have the same EXP tables for level 1-25 as the KR version. If this trend continues, then the above of what I said will be true.


Now, at OBT it is believe that we will be getting at least level 40 cap. They had level 40 cap and first set of legendary gear for level 40 when Icarus first launched in KR. They had one instanced raid boss, Attaius, which was a level 37~40 raid. Also they had a few World Bosses, one of which was level 40 (Jumawu) which was flying in the level 40 area (The Rift).

analysis of max level in roi

50 would be the next logical level cap, which includes the whole next areas (The Desert, AKA Cloying Wastes). There are a few dungeons and the Tower in that area, which could be potentially cleared up to floor 25 with legendary 40 gear, with upgrading your gear if you go berserk completely, it may be higher.


We will be getting level 55 cap, if goes a step further, which includes 2 new areas (which are actually quite short and connected, so they add up to one big area), which are Ellora Sanctuary and Wind Canyon. At OBT it will be either 40 or 50, at the beginning as too much content is given, it would mean they have not much to offer when doing updates.


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