WoW Classic - Short and Easy Guide to Scarab Lord

By Shirley Huang2020-08-20

The Scarab Lord is a reward for opening Ahn'Qiraj by completing the quest Bang a Gong. The world's first Scarab Lord was  Kalahad of Medivh US.


Today MmoGah will show you how to finish the Scarab Lord question. You'll need a couple of friends or wow classic gold, A Raid, These items, Time & Effort, and a Gaming Chair when you start. There are 32 quests you have to finish, and if you want to see the mounts, you most likely will have to finish all those quests within 7 days.

All right, you start the quest by talking to this guy in Scenario in the hold, you just go to the caverns of time in Tenaris and discover a Chronos, and then you come back to this guy and finish the quest for the next one, he'll give you another quest that you have to go to black ring layer and kill brood Lord lash layer to get the head of brood Lord. By the way, you can only get one of those raids, and once you get that Adam, you come back here, and you finish the quest.


For the next quest, you need to keep killing elite bugs in salutis until you have 200 saluted carapace fragments, you'll need to keep repeating this quest until you hit neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu. Every time you finish one of these quests, you'll get the proxy of Nozdormu.

If you use this on another player, he will be able to help you farm some fragments. Now, this is where the bottleneck is going to happen, so I hope you can have some friends to help you or plans to work your way around this. Remember, you have one week, and you need 42,000 fragments. 

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For the next quest, when you're neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu, only you can do is going to enter Chronos, and you can finally talk to him manic on us, then we will give you another quest that you have to go right over here and click on this red crystal on the ground over. Here the crystal will give you another quest. All you have to do is watching a nice life cutscene. After finishing, you will go back to Anna corners and finish the quest.


Let’s get to the main part, you need to get three scepter shards, and each of the scepter shards needs to do a series of questions. Let’s start with the easiest one: the Red Scepter Shard. By the way, you can do any of the shards in any order you want to get the shard.

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When you start the quest, you will do this in a new bow instance, and you'll have five hours to finish this quest. All you have to do is kill Nefarian. Loot the shard, and you're done, then you turn the quest to Ana Kronos, and you have finished the red scepter shard quest chain.


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To start the Green Scepter Shard question, you can head over to sunken Temple in this room, and start the quest or head over to darkness, get to this spot and talk to this wisp, and it will give you another quest that you go to moon glade bright over here and talk to the keeper, the keeper will give you a quest that you will have to go over to the world emerald and world dragon spawn location Kerala duskwood. You kill the trash mobs eater until you get the fragment of nightmares corruption from each of the zones, once you have all four from Ashenvale Pharrell essential lands and dusk. You can go back to the keeper and finish the quest, and the keeper will give you another quest, which will start an RP event for this to get a low rate.


Head over to Ajara and find the Jurgis of the spirit, and then talk to him. Get the magic ledger to start the quest, then head over to Tenaris, talk to this guy who is located right here, and turn in the magic ledger to complete the quest. The quest you just finished can unlock at least three quests, so let's start with the first quest, but the first quest goes to this location in silver pine forest and talks to this inconspicuous grate right.


Next to the big gate, and this gate will give you another quest, and you'll need to go over to molten core and kill trash until we find the Buggles. Once you get the goggles, turn it in and start the second quest and head over to Gadgetzan, then talk to this goblin over here, he'll give you another quest that you'll have to make your way to the Isle of the dread in Fairless and kill Lord luck Marin for the carcass. You also need to kill the other beasts here to get the tenderloins and finish the quest you'll need 20 of these, and then you come back to Gadgetzan.


Head over to this location - Tanaris and look over the horizon for an island just like this is a shaman to give you water walking and start heading over to that island once you head over to the secret island and make your way to the other secret island behind this island and find the dig site, talk to the dirt, complete the quest and receive the new quest.

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Start the next quest, make your way to Winter Spring, and use the guise, which you'll find inside the quest Adam you received.

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Go over here to a place that looks something like this place, the bag of classic wow gold, and wait for the RP to start once therapy has finished killing this gorilla whose name is number 2, and then go back to this guy, he'll give you another quest. There are eight parts to these quests, and you have to loot eight books from eight locations to finish these quests for the First chapter.

This is a player Fearstreet 528’s video. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.


Head over to Dartsville Ammar, this can bring around 15 to 20 people to head over to the middle building, go upstairs, and you'll find the guy that you need to kill to complete this part of the quest. Once you kill him, loot him, and you'll find the first chapter you need.

For the Second chapter, you can make your way to the painted scar, blasted lands, and start killing demons.

Now I recommend you bring a group of five people for this because you may have to kill a lot of demons before you get the chapter to drop.

You can make your way to Darkwhisper Gorge in winter-spring and do the same thing with the demons there until you get the Third chapter. You can bring the same group you did for the second chapter.

For the Fourth chapter, you can make your way or sneak your way into understudy, and loot the book from this table here.

For the Fifth chapter, you can make your way to stormwind or sneak your way inside and loot the book from the pillar over here, and then you'll find the fifth chapter.

For the Sixth chapter, all you need to do is killing Onyxia.

For the Seventh chapter, you need to make your way to Blackwing (BWL) and go to the room where you find more paths and loot this book.

You need to kill Regnerus, so you can loot the Eighth chapter of the draconic.

After you have gotten all the eight chapters, you can use the quest item in your bag to bind all the eight chapters together, and you will have finally finished this quest, and then you take the new quest.


You start the final quest for the Blue scepter short question, which is pretty nice that lets you breathe underwater as long as you want. When a person has finished all these quests that will be made available on the gun over here, which will reward you with the Scarab Lord mount even you're not the first person to finish the quest, you can still get the mount. You can finish the quest chain and receive some of these rewards, which is an amazing achievement.


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