WoW Classic Naxxramas Guide: Dungeon Dives Part One

By Shirley Huang2020-11-27

Naxxramas will be released on Dec 3, 2020. Players need to wait until the release of Phase 6 to get attuned for Naxxramas, but you can do a few things in advance to prepare. 

Naxxramas is the most challenging, and arguably the most fun, 40-man raid encounter in all of classic wow. It is the last raid in WoW classic filled with dangerous bosses and amazing loot. Let’s learn how to navigate this raid in this last episode of Dungeon Dives. This is a real player Platinum WoW's guide. Today will share the four dungeons/quarters first, which can be helpful for wow classic fans. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

Welcome to the last episode of dungeon dives for classic. This is going to be the biggest one yet since we have 15 bosses to go over, so let's get started and jump into the raid.



Let's talk about the Attunement in order to enter the floating acropolis of naxxramas, you'll need to be at least honored with the argent dawn but if you're revered or exalted that's even better. If you're honored, you'll need to pay the argent on 60 wow classic gold, one Righteous Orb, two Nexus Crystals and five Arcane Crystals. If you're revered, you'll only need to pay 30 classic wow gold, one Nexus Crystal, and two Arcane Crystals. If you're exalted, it's free but you can say it's pretty expensive, so just spend some time running scholomance or something to increase your rep within naxxramas. There's also the coveted Tier 3.

Tier 3 is an amazing set for most classes and also looks incredibly badass. The only problem is that is very expensive. In order to get a piece of tear, you'll need the token that drops from one of the bosses, and you'll need war-torn scraps which drop from trash within the raid, and you'll also need a ton of profession materials. If you know anything about classic wow, these professional materials can cost a very pretty penny, so start saving up now.




 WoW Classic Naxxramas

Atiesh is the legendary staff that becomes available in knacks in the raid. One of your raiders will need to collect 40 splinters which dropped from bosses, you also need to kill c'thun and kel'thuzad to get the other items. One of your raiders will be that one super badass guy in your raid that has this extremely rare staff once held by the legendary mage medivh.

Atiesh Greatstaff of the guardian is a unique and powerful artifact passed down from guardian to apprentice for generations. Pay attention to that druid holding another one or that priest or khadgar. In fact never pay attention to khadgar.


Naxxramas is split into Five different quarters. There are the Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter, Construct Quarters and the Frostwyrm Lair where you'll face the final two bosses. We'll start from the easiest to the hardest, so first let's enter the Spider Quarter.


Spider Quarter

 WoW Classic Naxxramas

For this quarter it's pretty self-explanatory and it is the spider big well, then you should probably kill that one. First hold left and you'll face the first boss of this quarter Anub'Rekhan. Welcome to my partner Anub'Rekhan's fight starts with two guards at his side. These ads have a stacking poison that they apply on tanks they cleave and they root nearby players. These will need to be tanked away from the boss and be focused down first upon death, they will summon 10 corp scarabs that need to be aoed down additionally. If any member of your raid dies, they will also spawn 5 corp scarabs while killing the adds have the boss positioned where he started the boss will cast an ability called impale, this will send a line of spikes towards a random target deal damage, knock them up in the air, and you need to use slow fall levitate or even login fogger elixir to avoid the subsequent fall damage.

This boss's most dangerous ability is locust swarm. This is a channeled ability that does aoe damage silences and stacks and has a 30 yard range when this ability is casted. All melee need to run out as quickly as possible including the tank, so run it makes the blood pump faster, the tank will need to kill the boss while this ability is being channeled. While the boss does move slower during this time, it will help the tank to have a swiftness potion or have a hunter in their party with aspect of the pact additionally when locust swarm is casted. There will be another crypt guard for the rest of the raid to kill. During this time, all of this boss should be dead backtrack to go through the door in the middle of the room, a hug to the left wall and you'll find the next boss of this quarter Grand Widow Faerlina. The greatest glory is to die in the master's service, Faerlina is surrounded by six ads around her, and you'll need to kill the followers at the start of the fight but do not kill the worshippers who will need to be tanked away from the boss and kept alive. This is because Faerlina will enrage once every minute and the only way to dispel this enrage is to have one of the priests in your raid mind control one of the worshippers and use their ability that dispels the boss, this will also kill that worshipper, so this fight is sort of a race against time to kill the boss before you run out of worshippers to dispel her in rage.



Plague Quarter

WoW Classic Naxxramas


Now we can go to the Plague Quarter. Stoneskin gargoyles are going to be the most annoying trash. You deal with in this quarter at 30%, they will turn the stone and you have six seconds to kill them or they'll heal to full health just make sure you're focusing them down one at a time. After dealing with the gargoyles, you'll face noth the plague bringer glory to the master. During this whole fight skeletons will spawn every 30 seconds or from three corners around the room, you'll need tanks to sit here and tank these mobs when they spawn and your raid will need to kill them, meanwhile the boss will be tanked around the center of the room, and he will cast a curse that needs to be dispelled as soon as possible.

There's also bats frenzy that charge and stun random players in your raid. There's grubs that do a bunch of aoe nature damage and plague beasts that deal aoe damage to anybody in melee range just hug the right side of the wall and push forward, and you should be fine. After running through the gauntlet, you'll immediately start the next fight, Heigan the Unclean is a special boss because he is famous known for his mechanic named the safety dance. This room is split into four different sections and only one section is safe to stand in and the pattern starts from the right moves to the left, and then back again during phase one. Your melee will need to be almost constantly moving as you only have eight seconds to move between each area. It's also very important that the boss is tanked far away from the casters who stand on the platform to the side, because if the boss gets too close to them, their mana will be drained, a disease will also be placed on melee that needs to be cleansed as well during this phase of the fight, and three random players will be teleported to the tunnel.


For another four Naxxramas raid, we will share them next week, so pay attention to our mmogah news to learn more tips or guides. Of course, if you want to buy wow classic gold or ask for wow classic power leveling, don't hesitate to contact us.  

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