WoW Classic 1-60 Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2020-06-19

Unlike leveling in WoW BFA, WoW Classic’s leveling takes a lot more effort, usually taking weeks to reach the Classic WoW level cap of 60 with a new character. This is a real player Fearstreet 528’s leveling guide. This guide will tell you how to level up fast from 1-60. All the content of this article is quoted from this video:

It’s actually really simple and not that complicated for my entire journey, and I only used one talent build that boosts myself from level 1 to 60. I used 3 dungeons, and 1 raid for individual instances with 4 pool techniques, which took me to hit level 60, and these poles are also really easy.


I hit level 8 in the 25 minutes mark pretty amazing. I didn’t need to do a single quest, because doing quests would actually slow you down in this process. Using this strategy, you will get XP per hour is like a dungeon level right now. I have 22k XP per hour, and I am level 4 or 5 or something. Now I can enter rage farik Azamat level 8, but if you are alliance, stop at level 10, that’s the level you need to enter dead mines, this is actually also a good gold making strategy for hunters or warlocks, because it takes your time to naturally from level 1 to 8 or 10 is about one and a half hour to two hours, but with this strategy, you can show off one whole hour from that process, so you may be able to charge one person about 50 to 100 gold for 25 minutes of your time, that’s good money for level 8 to 20. I use the 1 porridge for chasm technique, and this dungeon is really easy and convenient.


Because it is in Orgrimmar and you have to bring the entire dungeon pole right in front of the entrance to finish the pool anyway, you own the duration of the pool XP, and you gain from one of these pools at lower levels, which is actually insane, you get almost half a level or more from one pool, that means after five poles, it only took me 20 minutes to finish them.

wow classic leveling dungeon


I did this dungeon until I hit level 20. I could have to go to SFK, but I really didn’t want to travel to another dungeon in the process, and it would be more or less the same thing anyway because that’s the minimum level you need to enter Scarlet Monastery. I was at the 1 hour 35 minutes mark after heading level 20, I moved to SM, and this is where I planned on staying for 20 levels. From level 20-40, I began streaming since I wouldn’t have 40 minutes lockouts anymore here. I used the full dungeon pool strategy where pull every single mob in both Cathedral and armory using one pool technique.

wow classic Scarlet Monastery


In order to maximize my XP gain, I am pulling every single mob in the entire instance. My sole goal is to gain experience and make my journey as smooth as possible. The world boss was let on, and I really didn’t need anything from him, but since this is a server-wide kind of event, we were both alliance from all the guilds and horde from all the guilds come together to try to get the world boss down. I really didn’t want to miss out, so after hours of trying to kill the boss and kill their alliance, getting wiped. Now we are at Cathedral, and this pool is actually really fun because you get to pull the boss what’s annoying here at the frost bolts. I wore nothing but my shoes, so anyway, the Scarlet monastery boosting journey was amazing.


I charge 10 gold per circuit on this journey, if I were to charge people for the boosts, I would have made 2000 to 3000 gold very easily, so after I have hit level 38, I got really bored with the scarlet monastery. I couldn’t take more than 18 levels in one dungeon, so when I decided to move to Mara Don, you are wondering what I did between breaks and lockouts. I just played some chests and came back to Merida, I made some nice adjustments to my stream and added some quality.


I spent 16 levels in Mar don leveling from 38 to 54. I spent the first couple of levels using my 12 minutes Mara pulled strategy. This is not the best option. However, the goal per hour is wise. It is the best option as you can get five instances per hour.


I could actually stay in Mara to level 54 in this way, and I am really able to maximize my XP gain, so once I hit level 54, it was time to finally move to ZUL’GURUB 14 hours 5 minutes later. Now I would have loved to bring my guild ease in the ZG grind, but since the XP gain goes down for every player in the instance, this would have really slowed my speed leveling when you are alone with the booster in ZG in a perfect hour, and you are making around 150k XP per hour.

wow classic ZG


So after level 54, it took me around 6-7 poles to level up one level, since the XP required to level up or substantially high as you can hit level 60 from level 59, you need to gain 209K experience which means I needed to do seven perfect clean ZG poles. This was my seventh and last run. I already got 180k experience from 6 previous runs, and if I get this right, I am going to hit level 60.


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