• Top 5 Weird Specs in WoW Classic
    By Shirley Huang2020-08-07 00:00:00

    Welcome to wow classic top 5 weird specs build guide. Today MetaGoblin will share with you the top 5 weird specs or talents in the game. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

    Today we're going to count down the top five weird specs or talents we expect from classic WoW.

    1. Ghost Rogue

    The first build is Ghost Rogue, because I had invented it when I was leveling.

    wow classic talent-1

    I'm sure people have used this build, it focuses on avoidance and increasing your defensive capabilities rather than focusing on your offensive, the capability isn’t increasing your DPS. When I was leveling, it was a very efficient leveling build, less damage, and it is good at soloing elites, dealing with multiple enemies and difficult encounters.

    It is soloing a few things in dungeons whoever I wanted to do a certain dungeon quest on my own without doing a group because you can get an extra ability to use ghostly strike, and that also increases your chance to dodge by 15% for 7s, so visibility is really cool that gives you a cool animation, and it makes mention of rotation interesting.

    Secondly, if you got a fairly slow weapon, it actually does more damage instance, which increases your dodge chance, and you can get up to about 60% avoidance. When you use goalie strike, which obviously matters massively reduce the damage, but I used were lighting Reflexes and deflection to inclusive avoidance by an extra 10%, which was really nice for Sakura pass that was really useful.

    wow classic talent-2


    If you're dealing with enemies who actually have weapons, it’s also a really cheeky, and DPS boost simply by the fact that it actually does 150 % weapon damage bound costs and energy barely.

    I also picked up my specialization, because if your jewel wielding maces actually process a lot and there is a free second stun while the enemy is stun, but not doing any damage to you, so that’s really nice and around about level 40, you can get the weapon called works third leg that is very cheap off the auction house. I got it fled to wow classic gold, and it was doing like ridiculous damage, and again, this specialization was a really useful talent. Apart from this, you pick up all the kind of typical talents like blade flurry, and you probably want to swap to soil specialization in the later levels when you are leveling, you just pick a couple of typical damage increasing combat talents.


    wow classic talent-3

    2. Warlock Tank

    The Warlock Tank build focuses on stacking as much damage reduction as humanly possible and then throwing in a little bit of cheeky self-healing into the two builds with a few key talents, and you can easily stack up to about 70% damage reduction, which is pretty ridiculous very easily. Solo elites and dungeons on your per world to make money. If you really want to be that bold nonetheless, it is a very strong tanking build, the first key talent we have is sole link which reduces the amount of damage, because our damage is transferred to your pet instead, and then we also have master demonologist, which is usually physical damage you take by an extra 10%, so it's like a flat 40% damage reduction just from your talents, and it's going to stack with your armor rating and demon shield.


    wow classic talent-4

    3. Shaman Tank

    We have a Shaman Tank bill, which is a bit of a fun build that you can use for flag-carrying since shams are pretty good a flood cam, because a ghost wolf and actually has a lot of really cool defensive talents, and it can be used in dungeons for tanking very easily.

    As a temporary tanking raiding environment, you'll notice he will look in the enhancement tree. It's very strange but was a number of tanking towers, which feels more like warrior talents in the tree, shield specialization anticipation toughness, and the parry talent, which obviously a really strong a defensive talent. Shaman was actually originally intended to be a bit of a tank build, and it just needs a little bit of extra room for it to actually become an actual viable raiding tank.



    wow classic talent-5

    4. Melee Hunter

    Melee Hunter has a few different versions, and you know it was a few leveling build alternative PvP build. The most common melee tanking build is actually pretty popular, and it's called the melee weaving raid build. It's actually quite a viable way of increasing your DPS in a raiding environment and a few professional skilled hunters. It is considered to be a DPS increase more standard raid build, so in the hunters' rotation, there is a little bit of downtime, and essentially what you do in the downtime of fee rotation is that you go into melee range sneak in a little wrap to strike.



    wow classic talent-6

    5. Smite Priest

    A Smite Priest is a hybrid healing, and DPS build if you ever play League of Legends, it's very similar to the hero called Soraka, who does a lot of healing buff, and also a few decent amount of damage. It's very useful in PvP because it has such a strong adaptive play style. If your team needs healing, you can do really good healing; if your team doesn't really need much healing, then you can help out over damage; if a warrior or a mage is going to absolutely ham, then you can buff him with power infusion to increase its damage by 20%, and you are just a really extremely useful player to have in a pretty typical pre-made PvP group. Most builds buffs will go deep into the discipline and dip a little toe into holy pickled tongue size searing light to increase your damage of smiting holy reach you increase your range for obvious reasons a little bit cheeky holy Nova because that's actually pretty good if you can't cast god to bless, her recovery for a little bit of extra defensive capability you obviously pick up power infusion and you've also got force with holy specialization to increase your crit chance by 10%, and then you can stack up in focus for a total of 35 increased critical chance to get a critical hit and a little bit of defense, those have improved in a fire and just general talents or increase your defensive capabilities, and more tailored for PvP.


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