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Top 10 Differences between WoW Classic and the Original Release Part 1

WoW Classic is coming on Aug 27, and Blizzard Entertainment will bring back the Real Classic WoW experience, so many fans are eager to go back to the moment where it all started. Of course, there are some differences between wow classic and the original release. If you want to know that, you can check Game Evolutions’ channel. Here is a graphics comparison between World of Warcraft Classic vs World of Warcraft Vanilla (1.12 Patch) in Evelyn Forest, The Barrens, Ashenvale and Teldrassil.


This is a real player MadSeasonShow’s video. Here are the differences between WoW Classic and the original release from 2004-2007! Today will share the top 5 differences first, which can be helpful for wow fans. All the content of this article is quoted from these two videos.




We are starting to get a pretty good picture of how classic is shaping up so far, and it’s pretty close to the original, however there are some confirmed differences. Some of them are in blizzards control and some aren’t. It’s more interesting and it’ll be in the order of substantiality increasing as the video progresses.

1. AddOns

Now it was confirmed that the AddOns system is going to be different basically, and it’s a mix of the old and the new to try and make it authentic, but at the same time, the AddOns system introduces some limits since there were fewer restrictions in vanilla typically in the realm of automation with presence of one button rotations going past that though over the years.

Now AddOns system exists in wow classic, and these authors have become much better over time and have nearly 15 years of practice to make the ultimate rate helper Addons and going past that. There was actually a stigma against mods for a short while there. I think this was more in the early stages of classic, but some people who thought that these unlicensed Addons are essentially cheats.

You need an Addons system to tell you what to do with this boss, and my skill is my Addons. Some of you may remember the drama with the old quest helping Addons waypoints to mark the quests locations or we need journey how the times have changed, so Addons in the community surrounding on the list.


2. We have streamers over the years

The realm of gaming has transferred back when I played 12 hours a day. There’s a whole industry designed around playing video games commenting over them. These streamers are looked and whatever game they play and they have whole communities at their backs, call their fans and it’ll have a notable effect on whatever server they decide to play on. 

If you are on a pvp server and you decide to get back him by ganking him, but you can’t past his personal 24/7 escort or maybe you just happen to be leveling in the same zone, and you can’t get a single cactus Apply to save your life, or maybe your server is dying because the streamer quit and all of their fans joined them.


3. The old bugs, glitches, exploits and hardware limitations


We have the bugs, glitches, exploits and anything unintended really can go into this spot. This was something that was confirmed by Blizzard. The recent update was the itemization where they made mention of Regnerus only getting killed due to a glitch with his ability if you wiped anima.

Sometimes blizzard wouldn’t reset properly for the next attempt and he’d lose access to his lava burst spell making the fight much easier which resulted in some guilds killing him surely, and they also brought up the infamous pre-nerf who was deemed unkillable by the playerbase assuming the best gear, and perfect to play these unintended quick didn’t stop in rates though putting game exploits aside.

While players could get an extra Talon point, making it possible to get both their 31 point & 21 point talents in two separate trees. I remember that warriors in particular were pretty ridiculous, because they could get both mortal strike and death wish, and this even includes things, such as stability.

Now I can’t predict the future how the launch will go but the hardware will improve tremendously over the years.

It got so bad that they actually started to hand out free game time to players if it was down long enough and it’s not all on blizzard end as well, this was still the dark ages of the internet for a lot of people. This is a story of how it changes our lives, maybe it will change your life too.


4. Community

I think the Community aspect will be largely similar to WoW classic and its basic form, but the leveling is tougher, so the Player interaction is encouraged and there’s no dungeon and no raid finder.

There’s no mob sharing and no cross room grouping, which means that you will only see the people who are on your server. Now you have a reputation positive or negative that effects your actions, but a simple fact is that people will change life, it’s nearly 15 years since the world of Warcraft has been released and in a new generation, and the way that people conduct themselves has changed as well.

Now Voice programs are free to everyone, whereas back then, it was a luxury and only the most dedicated guilds would own one to coordinate raids with those horrible codex that made everyone sound like robots. People can create or join a free and lightweight program to quickly and easily chat with fellow group or grade member gone are the days. Guild websites were mandatory and you are required to fill out an application to join or read a lengthy guild charter as if it was a job interview or something.

I am sure you will still see this stuff here, but absolutely it will be much more rare compared to back then and going past though people’s knowledge of the game will be greater, and they will be more skilled and less likely to request aid from other players. Compared to our first time, it will be a large group of returning players.

I’m sure that’s sort of the target audience of the game, and I think community will be much more tight-knit compared to the current game. Fostering the environment of this ability is unavoidable, such as knowledge and skill that will have an effect on the community and how people interact with each other.


5. The details

We have a combo here and minor systems. Maybe they aren’t named the minor systems but whatever stuff, such as 1.12 Alterac Valley, 1.12 talents class balance, a pseudo loot trading, no progressive itemization, sharding for high population areas.


I think something worth nothing is that they do have an effect on the overall balance of the game: the 1.12 talents and the 1.12 versions of wow classic items. Honestly in terms of balance, I think they are a drop in the ocean compared to some of the other things coming up on the list, but they have some effects on the community where everyone is fighting over one bore, so combining these all together.


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