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Alliance Vanguard Reputation Guide for WotLK Classic

In WotLK Classic, horde and alliance are the two primary factions competing against each other for power and area; however, an update was released in May 2022 that allows Horde and Alliance players to play together. The good thing is that when they encounter a common enemy, they become one team to defeat the enemy. As the name tells, alliance vanguard is an alliance faction whose primary goal is to defeat Arthas and his army of undead monsters invading Northrend's realms.


wlk vanguard -1


This faction serves as the defender of the Northrend and features four factions, including the Silver Covenant, the Valiance Expedition, the Explorers' League, and the Frostborn. In this faction, you must build a good reputation by completing daily and storyline quests. Heroic dungeons are also available here to advance your reputation to a great extent. If you can't advance your reputation, this guide is here to save the day.


You can quickly increase the reputation of all four factions by following these guidelines. This guide also features information on all the faction objectives, daily quests, and rewards. A quick tip is to choose the human race, especially to earn an alliance's reputation. The biggest benefit of the human race is that you will earn ten percent additional experience points compared to other races.


What Is Alliance Vanguard?

In the Northrend region, each faction has a different operation base. None of these four factions has awards or quartermasters. Three factions are from the previous version, while one new faction is added. The headquarter of the alliance vanguard is located in howling fjord in Valgarde, as well as in the Borean tundra in Valiance keep. The Quartermaster of the alliance vanguard is also located in these two cities. Only half of the total reputation is earned by these factions, while the other half is earned through other methods.


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Why Should You Go for Alliance Vanguard?

You may wonder why you should go for the alliance vanguard while other options are available. Engineers should increase their reputation with the alliance vanguard at all costs because they will get the Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper as a reward. It is one of the first two-seater mounts in Wrath of the Lich King, and you will need it a lot. When players hit the revered, they also get many other rewards.


If you haven't got your hands-on artisan riding or expert riding till now, alliance vanguard is your best option. The most significant benefit of this alliance is that you will receive a market discount when you purchase these flying skills. To buy them, you must go to the Borean tundra and meet with flying trainers there.


How to Increase Alliance Vanguard Reputation?

Regarding reputation, the alliance vanguard differs significantly from the other available factions. The "Honor Above All Else" is the only quest that directly provides you with a reputation in the alliance, but the amount is meager here. So, to build a reputation, you need to opt for the four sub-factions. Half of the total reputation you earn from these sub-factions will be added to the alliance vanguard.


If you want to become exalted in the alliance vanguard, you will need to become exalted in any two of the four sub-factions. You can also earn a reputation by completing heroic dungeons while wearing a faction tabard. Some normal dungeons also feature reputation, but the amount is very low. Here are the methods to get a reputation through all four sub-factions.


You will get ten reputation points for completing the "Honor Above All Else" quest. All the other reputation is earned through heroic dungeons. Tabards aren't available in alliance vanguard or any of its sub-factions. Here are the four dungeons that you can complete without wearing a tabard. The best thing about these dungeons is that you can complete them on normal difficulty and still earn a good reputation.


Halls of Lightning

The Culling of Stratholme

The Oculus

Utgarde Pinnacle


Valiance Expedition

There are no rewards for the valiance expedition faction, and its headquarters are located in Borean Tundra. In this faction, all the armies of the Northrend start to fight against the scourge under the command of king Varian Wrynn. These alliance forces command the strand of ancients. They have bases at various locations, including Dragonblight (Fordragon Hold and Wintergarden Keep) and Howling Fjord (Westguard Keep and Valgarde).


wlk vanguard -3


In Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, Icecrown, and Grizzly Hills, there are more than two hundred and fifty quests that you can complete for reputation. If you are in the Icecrown region, you should take reputation quests from the sky breaker airship. All the Icecrown daily quests are also available on this airship. Below are all the quests, along with details.


Howling Fjord – You have to break the blockade.

Grizzly Hills – All these quests are player-vs-player. By completing these quests, you will also unlock the grizzled veteran achievement. There are nine PvP quests in these hills, and a limited number of quests are available daily. 

Icecrown – Complete quests such as Capture More Dispatches, Blood of the Chosen, and Assault by Ground, along with the daily player-vs-player quest called King of the Mountain.


Explorer's League

The headquarter of this faction is in the howling fjord. In this faction, you will have to learn everything about the origin of the Dwarven race. For this purpose, you will set on an adventure to find the lost titan artifacts as they feature a lot of information about the history of Azeroth itself and its population and culture.


The real purpose of this faction is to defeat the lich king at all costs, even if it requires you to buy WotLK Classic Boost service. The operational base of this faction is located in Ironforge, and King Magni commands it. In both storm peaks and howling fjord, there are more than thirty-six quests as well as you can complete the steel gate patrol daily quest in howling fjord.


The Frostborn

This faction doesn't haven't have any quartermaster at all, and the headquarters of this faction are located at Frosthold, Storm Peaks. Frostborn is the new faction of frost dwarves, which are new. The king of Frostborn, called Yorg storm heart, is the ruler of this faction, and they are located in frosthold.


This faction has recently joined forces to defeat the lich king together. There are fifteen quests for this faction, along with a daily quest in storm peaks called "Pushed too far." Those who want to increase their reputation in this faction must complete every task in Storm Peaks. 


Silver Covenant

Dalaran is the base of operation for this faction. This is the faction of elves against the admission of blood elves in the Kirin tor. They are led by Vereesa Windrunner and have recently joined the alliance to fight the lich king and defeat him. They use Silver Covenant Guardian Mages to guard their areas and fight off all the horde players near the alliance district.


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Rewards for Alliance Vanguard Reputation

Here is the list of all the available rewards for alliance vanguard, along with their stats, cost, and reputation rank.


Shield of the Lion-Hearted - It is a rare shield that will cost you thirty-one gold coins, thirty-five silver coins, or forty-six copper coins. It has the reputation rank of revered and provides players with armor, blocking power, defense, and stamina. The expertise rating of this shield is thirty-one.


Hammer of the Alliance Vanguard - It is a rare One-Hand mace with a revered reputation rank. It will cost you forty-nine gold coins, thirty-five silver coins, or twenty-one copper coins. It provides players with strength, stamina, attacking power, and damage per second when they are in bear, cat, or dire bear form. It has a dodge rating of twenty-two.


Sawed-off Hand Cannon - It is a rare gun that provides players agility, stamina, and damage per second. This gun has a hit rating of eighteen and is available for thirty-seven gold coins, twenty-eight silver coins, or eighty-one copper coins. It has the reputation ranking of revered.


Orb of the Eastern Kingdoms - It is a rare off-hand weapon that provides players with stamina and spells power. The haste rating of this weapon is thirty-one, and it is available for nine copper coins, thirty-five silver coins, or fourteen gold coins. The reputation ranking of the orb is revered.


Lordaeron's Resolve - It is a rare shield that players can purchase for eighty-six copper coins, eighteen silver coins, or thirty gold coins. It has a revered reputation ranking. It provides you with armor, blocking, stamina, and intellect. The spell power of this weapon is thirty-seven.


Gnomish Magician's Quill - This rare wand is available in the market for forty-four copper coins, thirty-five gold coins, or fifty-one silver coins. It is a revered ranked weapon that has a spell power of twenty. It provides players with spirit, spells power, and intellect. You will also enjoy damage per second by equipping it. The spell power of this weapon is twenty.


Vanguard Soldier's Dagger - It is a rare dagger with a revered reputation rank. You can purchase it for fifty-two copper, fifty-three silver, or forty-seven gold coins. It provides players in the cat, dire bear, bear, or Moonkin form with stamina, agility, attacking power, and damage per second. The attacking power of this dagger is around forty.


Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper – It is an excellent combo of more than four hundred and fifty engineering recipes and an epic ground mount. It has the reputation ranking of exalted. The price of this combo is three hundred and twenty gold coins.


Plans: Titanium Plating – It provides players with more than four hundred and fifty blacksmithing recipes. You need an exalted reputation ranking to get this reward. The cost of this reward is twelve gold coins only. It reduces the timing of the disarm rare shield enchant. The block value of this item is around eighty-one.


Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator – This can be bonded on the account head. It has the reputation ranking of exalted. The price of these enchants is one hundred and twenty gold coins. It provides thirty stamina and twenty-five resilience rating. MmoGah features many helpful guides to help you escape any situation in WotLK.



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