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The Rise of the Trickster Update is Coming in ROI

John Ryan June 23rd, 2017 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

As per the latest news from official website, Rise of the Trickster update will be arriving on July 6th. You can register now to receive a free rise of the trickster launch pack. This update I think is the biggest version update of Riders of Icarus so far. This update has created some interesting story lines and new familiars. The biggest update is level cap increase. Now please follow MmoGah to see more information about this update.



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Trickster Class

First, let’s look at the new class named trickster. It is a new hero on the horizon and is ready to charm our hearts. I think trickster is a beautiful class, when I first see trickster, my first feeling is that it looks like a figure of tree of savior. Of course, it is only my personal feeling. The Shaling is an ancient race, comprised of female beings that are older than their appearance may tell. Blessed by Ellora, their destiny and fate have always been to defend the light against the Evil God’s influence. And, in the darkest of times, the Shaling is called to take up arms once more. In combat, Ellora’s favored trickster boasts a lethal combination of delightful and dangerous.

Skills of the Trickster

The trickster has many new skills, they are deadly dolly, cherry blossom rush, starlight galaxy, fire breath and festival finale separately. Now let’s see their skills details together.


Deadly dolly: You need to focus your energy on the doll and throw it at an enemy to inflict a large amount of damage.

Cherry blossom rush: It uses a beautiful gust of cherry blossoms to attack enemies, while giving allies a refreshing boost of energy. Dealing 100% damage to enemies within 10m, and increases overall attack and defense of nearby allies by 30% for 10 seconds.


Starlight galaxy: Summons the Trickster's prized Festival Luna Doll. Dealing 140% of your damage. While summoned, your magic attack increases by 30%.


Fire breath: It summons Agnas the Cuddly Doll and prepares a grand festival. Dealing 140% of your damage. Recovers 5% health over time.


Festival finale: It summons a pillar of light and firecrackers to share the joy of the festival with others.

Level Cap Increase

This is a good news for ROI players, Riders will be able to break through their shackles and power up to level 60! The decision lies in you to walk the path of the Trickster or continue your current Rider’s adventures as you acquire gear, all-new skills, and formidable familiars to face the challenges that await you.


New Familiars

Mount up and explore the cool landscape of Akrat Plains and discover new familiars to bolster your roster! The majestic Gorgos, Lagosha, and the legendary beast Aidus is just three of the unique familiars you will find in Rise of the Trickster.


Above is Rise of the Trickster update, let’s wait for the new update of ROI can bring us excellent contents and new feeling.


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