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Which Class is Suitable for You in Riders of Icarus

John Ryan August 01st, 2016 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

There are 5 classes in the game of Riders of Icarus, all classes have bad points and good points. If you are looking for a class which is good on both attack and defense, well sorry there is no class like this. Guardian, priest, wizard, berzerker, assassin, and ranger will be added sometime in the future, from my experience the berzerker is tanky enough to have a value in PVE, and do great in 1v1 with their huge CC, although not as much as wizard, or guardian, and dominate when they have a priest/priestess with them.


Choose the Rider You Like

There are various types of Riders that roam the lands, from those that wield the elements of fire and water to those who destroy their enemies through brute strength. Whether a Guardian, Priest, Wizard, Berserker, or Assassin, each style of Rider has a unique role in combat. Berserkers specialize in close-combat destruction. Guardians possess skills to protect party members. Wizards strike from afar with the power of the elements. Priests use the power of the light to attack enemies and heal friends. Assassins catch enemies off guard to land fatal attacks. All classes can earn Riders of Icarus Gold. In the end, these Riders will utilize their varied skills to protect their allies and bring down their enemies.

a suitable class in roi

Assassin– “A Silent Shadow”

Assassins are good vs single target very high dps and combos but they don't have much health and defense. So you have to be careful for multiple enemies or very strong single enemies. We have our main close combat DPS here! This class will probably be full glass cannon build. Pure damage, with really low stats in defense. The Assassin is suitable for those who know how to avoid unnecessary fights and only go for the main kill.


Assassins are your close/ranged DPS that can land devastating attacks to their enemies. Assassins play very differently in Ride of Icarus in comparison to other MMOs. Assassin’s playstyle involve the constant movement and kiting to land powerful combos and abilities, including linking skills and chaining combos. They're very squishy thus standing still is not greatly suggested.

They use Daggers as the primary weapon and Light Armor for equipment. 

a suitable class in roi

Berserker– “A Fierce Gladiator”

Berserkers a bit all around mostly dps but they also have some decent defense. Berserkers are meant to dish out tons of damage quickly, but in the process, they often make themselves liable to damage too. Strength is a berserker's most important ability score. Dexterity can help a little with defense, since he cannot wear heavy armor, and Constitution can increase the berserker's hit points. They use the Great sword as the primary weapon and Armor for equipment. 


We could, with no doubt, say that this class will be one of our favourites. Wielding a giant sword and heavy armor, it’s obvious this class can endure a beating to some degree but it won’t last as long as Guardian. On the other hand, the target will be surely dead before that happens.


Berserkers are your classic Melee Fighters that use Two-Handed Sword and Heavy Armor for equipment. They make usage of their tremendous arsenal of abilities force the enemies into a terrible position via Crowd Control to land their killing blows. Their playstyle involves the charging of abilities to land powerful attacks while making usage of Light Combos gain Rage.

a suitable class in roi

Guardian- “The Fearless Protector”

Guardians are good on survivability but they don't have dps. We now know that this class will mainly focus on defense and will act as a tank in the party. It will probably use multiple buffs to strengthen its defenses and debuff enemies. They use the Sword as the primary weapon and Shield as secondary weapon and Heavy Armor for equipment. 


Guardians are your Frontline Fighters that make use of agile fencing, to neutralize the enemy in the attack using shield suppression. Guardians can adapt to situations while delivering devastating range or close quarter attacks. Guardians can use divine powers to protect themselves and fellow allies.


I was playing with guardian, he is quite ez. Deals enough dmg and can tank everything, the best thing is that he doesn't need use potions. Killing mobs takes little more time to compare with assassin or wizard, but he is a tank so. In PVP I didn't lose any fight, combination of chains cc and nice dmg, resulted quickly fights for me as a winner. After time u can getting bored of playing him, he has like only one reapartable combo. He is very solid character and I am sure I will be playing him on head start.

a suitable class in roi

Priest– “A Holy Rebel”

They have healing so they don't die much but that doesn't mean they are best in survivability. Priest fuel the spells with the arcane energy known as mana (the blue bar). Priest combines the helpful magic of healing and inspiring the allies with spells that harm and hinder foes. They use the Wand as the primary weapon and Crest as secondary weapon and Robe for equipment.


It’s clear that this class will have healing abilities. Furthermore, its main damage source will be holy damage which will definitely be efficient against the forces of darkness. Priest are your support class that Heal and Buff Allies. They're also capable of reviving friendly foes. While their DPS skills are not that strong they've a variety of ways to keep enemies away from them.

a suitable class in roi

Wizard – “An Imposing Sorceress”

Wizards are like assassins maybe a bit better in dps than assassins but with range. Range is your best friend. In close combat you will die a lot. Wizard in Riders of Icarus uses a wand which can cast powerful ranged magic skills. They use Staffs as their primary weapon and Robe for equipment. This class has a quick teleport ↑ ↑ or ↓ ↓ which is useful for PVP battles. We hope to see some magnificent elemental magic with this class. It will clearly be a high damage, long distance, killing machine – but we assume the only downside of this class is if the target we are setting on fire gets too close to us.


Wizard was pretty fun. Mainly used the 2 AoE bomb skills, and 2 rapid-fire 1-target skills. Also had a few "curse" skills to stop the enemy and even make it run away from you (Fear status) sometimes. In an emergency they even have a Mana Shield skill to transfer all damage to mana in a pinch. 


Wizards are your long ranged Damage per Second (DPS) and Area of Effect (AoE) class that make use of the elements to devastate their enemies. Wizards rely on careful planning and deployment of their variety of AoE spells. Calculating the optimum skill rotation, taking into account the cool down of their spells. The Less powerful spell can be cast while moving while more powerful spells require the wizard to focus their mana leaving them open to attack.

a suitable class in roi



1- Guardians

2- Berserkers

3- Priests

4- Assassins

5- Wizards



1- Wizards

2- Assassins

3- Berserkers

4- Guardians

5- Priests


Choose what you like and like what you choose, it doesn’t matter whether you have made the good choice for you, I think happiness is the best thing in Riders of Icarus Game. So I hope all the players like me have fun in this game, and if you have ROI power leveling requirement, I recommend you to choose a reliable website, Mmogah, which has more than 10 years’ experiences in game industry, I am sure they can provide the best service for you.


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