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It can be difficult to choose which path to take and determine where you want to end up in the game because New World presents so many options, ranging from the most extreme danger to the most incredible opportunity.


The good news is that we have compiled a list of 25 essential hints and tips you need to know to succeed in New World. These will help make your decisions easier and increase the likelihood of your accomplishments. These are the 25 most important things you need to know to be successful in New World, ranging from making New World gold and improving your character to exploring the map and understanding what the NPCs are saying.


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1. Azoth and Fast Travel

Azoth, or more particularly, expenditures associated with quick travel Fast Travel, let's face it, is one of the most important aspects of the game, and it allows you to sort of cut down on the amount of time you're going to be spending tricking around New World on foot, which can get a little bit tedious quite quickly.


On the other hand, the azoth bill from fast traveling can get pretty hefty quickly. The actual cost is determined by factors such as faction ownership, travel distance, and, most importantly, encumbrance. While there isn't much, you can easily do about the first two factors. There are things you can do to reduce your encumbrance.


For example, if you have 200 iron ore in your inventory, you should put it in storage loads of spare weapons and armor salvage them if you're making a really quick trip to go and hand in a quest somewhere to visit someone.


2. Moving Between Storage

Since we just talked about storage for the second tip, I want to bring up the fact that it is sometimes possible to move items between your storage sheds, so long as the towns that you are moving it between belong to your faction and you are willing to pay the gold movement cost.


This will not be useful in every circumstance, but it is occasionally helpful when you're missing that key item, and you know you've got it over in your shed every fall. For example, since we just talked about storage for the second tip

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3. Game Settings and Tweaks

As for the third piece of advice, I'd like to discuss game settings. There are two things I especially like modifying: always display weapons and field of view. If you press escape settings gameplay, you'll see an option to turn on show weapons.


This will make it so that both weapons are permanently displayed on your screen, allowing you to see their cooldown times. This is incredibly useful in combat, as it allows you to switch between your two weapons and utilize their cooldowns.


You'll see a field of view setting, which by default will be set to 50, but if you change that to the maximum of 70, it allows you to zoom out further. It's a little confusing at first, but it does make a difference, and it can be very helpful for getting a better view of your surroundings and spotting anyone trying to sneak up on you.


4. Upgrading Bags

Digit four to make your purchase bags or coerce someone into making them for you. As you level up, new bag slots become available, vastly increasing the inventory space you'll have available. This will allow you to gather, hold, and carry far more items than you would otherwise be able to, and the starting one only plus 50 encumbrances aren't all that great, so it's well worth getting upgraded as soon as possible.


5. Gather Milk and Honey

Always harvest honey from the hive and milk from the cow in towns. There is a cow in every beginning area except eternal autumn. You'll gain 20 milk or honey every gather. These products are raw culinary materials, which will be incredibly beneficial.


6. Try Leveling Your Cooking

For tip number six, leveling your cooking is one of the easiest trade skills to get up because it has very linear ingredient requirements, it's quick to level, it gives good experience, and it's useful to have a large stockpile of food. To explain the crafting requirements a bit better, each tier of food requires one tier-appropriate item, so for tier two food, you need one tier-two ingredient and one raw ingredient.


7. Try Using Food

Always use the food you cook, buy, or otherwise obtain. It provides a 30-minute passive and 20-second active heal, so it's critical for combat and outdoor running missions, PVE PVP, etc. You can also get food that increases luck, attributes, trade skills, etc., so it's not something to be dismissed.


8. Armor Weights

For tip number eight, now let's talk about armor weights which are broken down into light, medium, and heavy, which not only affects your mobility such as the dodge you get access to but also the amount of damage and healing that you'll be able to do for example light armor gets a 20-damage boost over heavy armor however it is also worth remembering that armor weight is determined by just that weight not type, for example, you can get away with wearing medium armor. Check when you'll be switching categories and decide which armor weight you want to play as.


9. Dodge Rolling

For tip 9, you should always be traveling in light armor as it allows you to travel faster, especially if you're going to be dodge rolling and animation canceling. Essentially, you want to be rolling forwards and at the end of the roll changing weapon or pressing extra sheath and unsheathed, which cancels the roll animation. You want your stamina bar above 51 before rolling again to prevent it from falling into recharge grey mode, making your movement speed quicker.


10. Level with Different Weapons

You don't have to be leveling with the weapons you want to end up with. For example, we started the game half a day late and played solo in the early game as we tried to catch up with the rest of my guild. This meant that the hatchet was a good starting choice because the sustain from the berserker makes it very solo-friendly.


11. Picking The Right Weapons

Despite the fact that you can pair any weapon combinations in the New World, it can be quite difficult to get them to work effectively together, especially if the weapons in question do not share the same attribute points. For example, the hatchet does not pair very well, and I scored it on one scale of intelligence and the other of strength and dexterity, so you'd have to split your attributes.

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12. Don't Be a Glass Cannon

You can't just dump all your attribute points into damage; you also need a healthy dose of the constitution. Assuming you're playing a damage-dealing character, you should focus the majority of your stat allocation on damage-dealing characteristics (75%) and health-preserving qualities (25%). You need some survivability, which means you'll require some constitution in your build if you got this incorrect at the start, but glass cannons don't work very well in this game.


13. Respec Your Attributes

We are here to let you know that resetting your characteristics is completely free up to level 20 and up to level 11 on weapon mastery points, but after that, it will cost you money. After that, you will still have the option to reset your attributes and weapon masteries; however, doing so will cost you.


14. Territory Standing

In this section, we would like to emphasize the significance of giving careful consideration to the card choices you make. For instance, the vast majority of players will almost certainly go for the experience point game cards, which come in handy when leveling up.


However, once you reach level 60, gaining XP is no longer an option; consequently, these cards are rendered completely useless after reaching that level. In a similar vein, the trading tax is going to be quite helpful in your hub town — perhaps Everfall — but it is not going to be of much use outside of that location.


15. Town Projects

Let's talk about town projects for Tip 15; they've been through many changes since alpha and have been nerfed quite a bit, but if you know what to look out for, they're still a viable way to level up. Some of the more uncommon animals, such as bison and sheep, and cooking hamper quests and fishing items, are examples of older projects that have been hampered. Although you probably won't come across these older projects while you're engaged in other activities, it's still a good idea to keep an eye out for them.



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