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Some Good TIPS For ALL New World Players

By Anna2022-01-20

Today MmoGah would like to share some good tips with all players in New World. So whether you do damage, heal or tank, whether you're level 60 or just starting a level, all of these tips will be beneficial to every single one of you and will help you along whatever journey you choose to pursue.



Jump Higher and More Effectively

The first tip is the right click to jump method. It is probably one of the most useful ones and you can use it pretty much anywhere in the world.


New World Jump Higher


If at some point you can't seem to get up when climbing the ladder, you can hold right click, as it will not only help you get to higher locations and climb vertical walls, but it's also a more consistent way of grabbing ledges, especially in rocky locations. There are near-vertical mountainsides that you can start to climb up just by holding right click, and then jumping. Sometimes you hold right click, and it's not even showing that block animation but it's still helping, and it will help you climb to new locations.



Inventory Management

There's a lot going on in the inventory that a lot of people don't know everything about or maybe they just know a couple of parts, but there is some good stuff we can do here to really improve your quality of life.





Sort by Time

First thing, you can sort your inventory by time, which means what you will see in order for each section is what you've received most recently.


New World Sort by Time


Sort by Weight

Next, you can sort by weight. We can see the different weights of things.


New World Sort by Weight


Maybe there's something too heavy. And you're trying to figure out what's the heaviest thing in your inventory, so you can drop it or maybe you're just trying to figure out Armor class, so doing weight is another good way of sorting some things, especially gear or maybe just materials.


Sort by Gear Score

One of the most common things that I sort by is gear score, so you can see this little star in the upper right corner. Click it, and you will see the number for the gear score.


New World Sort by Gear Score


Sort by Tier

Lastly what we can sort by is tier.


New World Sort by Tier


This tier system would help with crafting mats, cooking materials, etc. You can see your most valuable resources for working on your trade skills. You can also just see your top tier potions or other consumables by sorting this way.



Quick Systems

What else can the inventory do? For instance, I need to repair Hatchet, and I could click “r”, and then, I click the “confirm”. But if you have a lot of stuff to repair, you can hold the ctrl key and hit “r”, it'll say quick repair, and you can go through and repair every single item.



Housing Trophies - Low Cost, HUGE Gain

If you're unfamiliar with the housing system, you can have up to three houses, and within each house, you can put down furniture, but you can also have a trophy. These trophy slots are important for crafting. They'll increase the lowest gear score that you can craft by, and they'll give you extra damage to a certain mob type, maybe you get something for like luck.


New World Trophies


There's a minor, a basic and a major trophy. Those major trophies are going to have legendary ingredients that are selling for bonkers amounts of Coins in New World. The difference between these minor and major trophies is somewhat marginal. For instance, I can have a loot luck trophy in each house. In one house, I can only have one type of loot luck, so I can either have the minor, the basic or the major. If I have three houses, I can put three minor loot luck trophies down, but the big thing is if I were to put three minor trophies down as opposed to three major loot luck trophies, the percentage difference from using three minors would be 9%, and three majors would be about 15%, so it's really not that big of a difference, and this minor loot luck trophy is less than 100 gold, the major loot luck trophy is like tens of thousands of gold. So you can get a pretty big difference by just putting in each of the minor combat trophies in your house.


I have Ancient, Angry Earth, Lost and Wildlife in each of my small houses, and I have the luck one. If you get all of these minor trophies, you will get 15 total of one of each. You can just put those in there, and it's less than 100 gold total and you'll see a decent increase for open-world combat PvE, and some good base luck increases. So at least pick up the minor trophies, and it's going to make a difference I promise.



Alligator Motor Boat

This tip is near and dear to my heart, and it's something I used a lot while levelling. You need to get from point “a” to point “b”, across some water. What we can do is get our alligator motor boat, line them up behind you and just keep walking forward. This alligator is just going to keep pushing you across the water a little bit quicker, and you could walk the whole way. This is definitely still faster and can save you some time while levelling, and it does work on flat land as well.



Daily Quest

Number five is a great one for levelling and for endgame. If you go to your faction person, and you go into the faction board. There's something at the top that says daily bonuses, and you get three daily bonuses per day.


New World Daily Quest


The way this works is they'll either apply to PvP or PvE, but these are most effectively going to be used on your first three PvE quests of the day. So I typically try to do them for Dungeons, but you're going to want to try and do them in level 60 zones if you’re max level. So these daily bonuses will give you more coins, territory standing, tokens, rep, everything for those first three every day. So you can net an extra 500 to 750 Gold of the New World a day just by throwing in those three daily bonus quests in an endgame zone.



Gathering - Max Profit and Skills

My last tip is to gather everything whether you're a seasoned vet of the game or you're a new player just going through the levelling process. Everything that you can possibly gather for trade skills has a ton of value and with the new trade skill mastery system and getting extra crates and getting more materials, it has even more value than once before. So whether you are a new player or not, you can use all this stuff to get your crafting skills up, get refined up. It's going to help with absolutely everything in the end game or if you are a level 60, don't pass up a potato, don't pass up a fibre, there's still good value, and you can craft it into other things but this is just easy free income and there's no reason to pass them up when they're there. So one of my biggest tips and something I need to take advantage of is certainly just picking up the resources that are available to me, easy to grab on the way and making sure that you go through your storage chest once in a while, clear them out for the things you don't need and making tons of extra gold.




Hope the above methods we shared with you today is helpful. In addition, there are other methods in Lemoni’s video. If you are interested, you can click on his channel. And most content of this article also comes from him.

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