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Some Items Will Make You SUPER Rich In New World!

Anna February 10th, 2022 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

In this article, MmoGah would like to show you some items you can sell right now, and thus earn a lot of Gold in New World. They are super sellable and players always want to buy them. So let's get right into it.



Orichalcum Arrow

You can easily buy Orichalcum Arrow for 37 cents, which is really cheap, and your profit can be near one gold per item.


New World Orichalcum Arrow


You can really make a lot of Gold in New World with low investment.



Starmetal Arrow

This item costs only one gold, but you can buy one piece of them only for 17 cents, which means you can earn near one gold from one piece of this item.




Vial of Suspended Azoth

This item is very sellable in the trading post, and you can sell it nearby 20 gold in the market. You can buy this item for 17 gold, so your profit after selling this item can be near 3 gold. So you can earn a good portion of gold really fast. This item is very important for people who want to craft higher gear score items or use it for fast travel. A lot of people say that it's a really worthless item right now, but after the January patch, when fast travel costs decreased, I still earn a lot of gold from it.




This item is super good if you want to earn fast gold. People buy it like crazy because they need it for cooking. This item in my server is sold for about 19 gold, and you can buy it for 15 gold, so you can make about 4 gold after selling one piece of this item.



Orichalcum Ingot

I think that for a long time, these items held a big price in markets, but now in my server, one piece of this items costs nearby 29 gold, so you can buy it with buy orders for 24 gold, accordingly, your profit after selling them can be near 5 gold. This item is very important for players who are crafters.




This item is super sellable because you can get it only from the chest and only in a certain zone. This item is used for cooking so players love to buy it. Now on my server, this item costs about 14 gold per piece, and you could buy it for 10 gold, so your profit can be near 4 gold.




This item is also used for cooking, and it is a little bit more expensive than Cauliflowers. It costs in my server 16 and a half gold, you can buy it for 11 and a half gold, so your profit after selling this item can be near 5 gold for one piece. This item is gathered only from the chest in a certain zone, so if players don't go to the zone, they need to buy it for cooking.




This item is very important for new players because when they are completing Townboard quests, they need this item very often. This item in my server now costs 13 gold for one piece, but you can buy it for 9 gold, and after selling these items from one piece, you can easily make about 4 gold profits.


New World Tadpole


These items can only be obtained by fishing, therefore, they are really rare items and a lot of people are too lazy for fishing, so they buy them from the trading post.



Sumptuous Rabbit

This item is expensive on all servers because there is a very low number of players who are gathering it. And it's used for cooking very rare foods. Now, this item costs in my server near 39 gold, and you can buy this item for 34 gold, accordingly, you could earn about 5 gold from one piece.



Runic Leather

This item now is selling for a lot of gold near 100, and you can buy one piece of this for 72 gold, so your profit can be near 20 gold. I think that it's a really great gold making method. This item is a limited craft for each player, in one day, you can make only 10 of this, but you can easily buy this item in trading posts with buying orders.



Corrupted Rune

This item now is my favourite one because I earn a really good portion of gold from it. This item on my server right now costs about 446 gold, and you can buy it only for 251 gold, accordingly, you can make near 200 profit from one piece. What you need is a little bit of investment in this.



Jagged Animal Claw

This item is super rare because players are struggling by getting it, and the problem is that you can get it fast only if you have a lot of houses and a lot of Skinning Trophies. Now, this item on my server costs 474 gold, and you can buy this item for 200, so you can earn about 273 gold.



Loaded Dice

This item is very expensive, but if you have it, you can earn a lot of gold. Now on my server, this item costs 19,000 gold, and you can buy it for 15,000 gold and make about 3,000. This item is super great if you want to make a good amount of gold, but there is one problem - if you want to buy it, you need to have a fair amount of gold for it, so at first, I suggest buying all the previous items, and then sold them and earn a lot of gold, and then buy this item.




These are all the items I buy and sell, and I earn a lot of gold. I hope you will also get rich fast after reading this article.


Finally, if you want to learn more about this, you can check out Raigerie's video, because most content of this article also comes from him.

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