Lost Ark Stellar Blade Side Quest: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

By Jessie2024-05-13

Venture into the heart of Xion and unravel the enigmatic legacy of the Stellar Blade with this comprehensive side quest guide. Your journey commences beneath the bustling streets of the city, where Mann, a figure shrouded in mystery, awaits in The Presence Chamber. With a tale of rebellion and cryptic puzzles, this quest promises to test your wit and valor. Prepare to delve into the arcane secrets of the Ark as you forge your path to mastery in the world of Lost Ark.

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This guide will provide you with all the necessary steps, from the initial encounter with Mann to the climactic escape from the Ark. Along the way, you'll gather passcodes, decode hidden messages, and confront the remnants of a bygone struggle. With skill points and valuable items as your reward, the Stellar Blade side quest is not just a mission—it's an adventure that will define your destiny.

Quest Introduction:

•  Location: Beside Orcal in The Presence Chamber beneath Xion city.

•  Quest Giver: Mann

•  Prerequisite: Must have completed the main mission, Altess Levoire

Quest Objectives:

1. Engage with Mann: Begin the quest by speaking to Mann, who is located beside Orcal in The Presence Chamber beneath Xion city.

2. Search for the Rebel: Find the remains of the rebel northeast of the station's exit in Xion's Alley. Interact with the corpse to acquire the Rebel's databank.

3. Ark Puzzle Discovery: After interacting with the Ark's entrance and learning about the Ark Puzzles, locate the 6 electronic boards dispersed around Xion.

4. Input the Passcode: Return to the Ark's entrance and enter the passcode θμκαεγ at the terminal to gain access to the Ark.

5. Examine the Ark's Inhabitants: Inside the Ark, you'll find four corpses. Use the Scan ability to reveal them and collect the databanks.

6. Escape the Ark: Destroy the bleeping machines within the Ark to unlock the exit.

7. Report to Mann: Conclude the quest by returning to Mann with the information you've gathered.


• SP (Skill Points)

• Shock Grenade x2

• Smart Mine x2

• Pulse Grenade x2

Detailed Steps:

1. Mann's Request: After completing "Altess Levoire," Mann will ask you to investigate a radical's activities. He provides the first clue to start your quest.


2. Rebel's Remains: In Xion's Alley, you'll find a body that holds a databank. This databank contains the initial information needed to unravel the mystery of the Ark.


3. Tracking the Puzzle: The Ark's entrance will clue you in on the existence of puzzles that must be solved. Scour the city for electronic boards that hold pieces of the puzzle.


4. Deciphering the Code: The collected electronic boards will give you the letters needed to form the passcode θμκαεγ. Inputting this code at the Ark's entrance will allow you to enter.


5. Inside the Ark: You'll encounter the remains of the Ark's previous inhabitants. Interacting with these remains will provide further insight into the Ark's secrets.


6. The Escape: To leave the Ark, you must locate and destroy the machines that are emitting a beeping sound. This will deactivate the locks and open the exit.


7. Completion: Return to Mann with the databanks and your findings to complete the quest and receive your rewards.


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Quest Tips:

• Keep an eye out for the orange-highlighted terminals to find the Passcode letters.

• You can't interact with the Ark's door keypad until all Passcode letters are collected.

• The bodies inside the Ark are crucial for understanding the full story of the quest.

Remember, the path of the Stellar Blade is one of constant growth and discovery. Each quest is a stepping stone to greater mastery, and every battle is an opportunity to refine your skills. We hope this guide has been a valuable companion on your quest. If you need more guides for Lost Ark, you can visit MmoGah's Lost Ark news page.

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