A Complete Guide to Skill Points in Lost Ark

By Jessie2023-08-02

Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a dynamic and diverse combat system. Each class in Lost Ark has access to various skills that can be customized and enhanced with skill points, skill trees, runes, engravings, and cards. In this article, we will explain what Skill points are and how to unlock all the skill points in Lost Ark.


What are Skill Points?

Skill points are the currency you use to level up your skills and unlock new skill tree branches. Each skill has its skill tree that allows you to modify its effects, damage, cooldown, range, and more. Skills can unlock Tripods when they reach levels 4, 7, and 10, resulting in an overall increase in Damage per Second (DPS) during battles.


You can access your skill menu by pressing K on your keyboard. You can drag and drop skills to your skill bar and assign skill points to them by clicking on the plus icons. You can also reset your skill points anytime by clicking on the reset button at the bottom of the menu.


How to Earn Skill Points?

For players looking to max out their characters, one key focus will be to unlock all the available Lost Ark Skill Points. There are several ways to earn skill points in Lost Ark.


Leveling Up

Leveling up your character is the main way to earn skill points. If you can level up your character to level 60, you will have 312 Skill Points. And the remaining Skill Points can be obtained by Skill Point Potions and Greater Skill Points.


Skill Point Potions


Greater Skill Point Potions

There are five greater skill points you can unlock:

• Greater Skill Point Potion# 1: 80% Punika Adventure Tome Completion

• Greater Skill Point Potion# 2: Island Token x20

• Greater Skill Point Potion# 3: Ignea Token x8

• Greater Skill Point Potion# 4: 2 Omnium Stars

• Greater Skill Point Potion# 5: 6 Omnium Stars


Normal Skill Point Potions

There are over 20 sources:

• Adventurer's Tomes Challenges


Lost Ark Skill Points


• Tower Challenges


Lost Ark Skill Points


• Collecting Collectibles

These are hidden objects that grant you one or more skill point potions when interacted with.


Lost Ark Skill Points


• Reputation Rewards

Lost Ark Skill Points


• Quests

These special quests reward you with one or more skill point potions when completed. You can find them in different regions of the game world, such as East Luterra, North Vern, Shushire, Rohendel, and Punika.


Lost Ark Skill Points


How to Track Your Skill Potions?

There is an easy way to check the Skill Potion Numbers. You only need to open the Codex, use the hotkey [Alt + D], or open the Guides menu and select Codex. Once you open your Codex, you can search for the skill point potion on the top right. You can also choose the "Permanent Stat Increase - Skills" option under the Character Growth section. Upon finding the Skill Potions, you can choose them and check which ones you have or haven't found.


How to Use Skill Points Effectively?

Using skill points effectively is crucial for optimizing your performance in Lost Ark. When allocating your skill points, you can consider the following factors:

• Classes: Different classes and advanced classes have different skills and playstyles. You should choose the skills that suit your role and preferences best.


• Combat situation: Different skills have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. You should choose the skills that match the enemies you face, the environment you fight in, and the objectives you pursue.


• Breakpoints: Breakpoints are the specific amounts of skill points that allow you to unlock an additional tripod for your skills. Tripods are the modifiers that enhance your skills with extra effects. For example, 288 skill points is an important breakpoint where you can allocate six tier 3 tripods for your skills. You should aim for these breakpoints to maximize your damage output.


• Runes: Runes are items that grant ultimate effects to your skills when equipped. You should choose the runes that synergize well with your skills and build.


• Engravings and Cards: Engravings and cards grant passive bonuses to your character when equipped. You should choose the engravings and cards that complement your skills and build.



Skill points are an essential part of Lost Ark's combat system, which allows you to customize and enhance your skills according to your class, playstyle, and situation. You can use skill points effectively by following the tips and guidelines in this article. We hope this article helped you understand how to unlock all the skill points in Lost Ark and how to use them wisely.



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