• Fractured Online Early Access Goes Live Now
    By Ansley2022-09-15 00:00:00

    Good news! An entirely new journey, Fractured Online Early Access, is coming on its way today, on September 15, 2022, bringing unique new gameplay experience for MMO players. As a professional online goods store, MmoGah provides cheap Fractured Online gold trades. Below are some game features of Fractured Online.


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    Three Gameplays

    Fractured Online is an open-world sandbox MMORPG game. It is different because it mixes action combat with fully dynamic environments to support various competition play. And it has three planets, each of which has different combat systems.



    Arboreus is the largest planet and still retains Elysium’s primal energy. Besides magical crystals, it is also rich in wood, stone, and minerals. It is a world of the Wildfolk races, which needs players to cooperate, and is mainly toward PvE players with minimal PvP scenes.



    Tartaros is the smallest planet with harsh geographical conditions in which players compete for resources. It is a world of demonic races which is full of cutthroat competition and constant PvP activities.



    Syndesia is a medium-sized planet with rich resources and a world that provides favorable conditions for the human race, and challenges and difficulties are halfway between other planets.


    City Building

    In Fractured Online, players can be a governor to build and manage their city with their styles. They can develop the trade market and protect their city from hostile raids and sieges!


    So players need a lot of gold to maintain their daily costs. They need it to hoard a lot of building materials and weapons. But don’t worry, MmoGah will prepare enough Fractured Online gold coins for sale for any requests.


    Generous Rewards

    A brave fight can bring great rewards. And players will get more and more generous rewards as the combat level increases. When climbing to the top of the leaderboards, they’ll feel more satisfied than ever.


    Join the game to start your adventure tour!


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