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Fractured Online Status Effects Guide

AnsleySeptember 30th, 2022

Players may die in Fractured Online due to various reasons.To provide you with a better understanding of the majority of deaths you will face in the world of Fractured Online, this article will show you what each symbol means below the health bar.

Fractured Online Attributes Guide

AnsleySeptember 23rd, 2022

When players create a Fractured Online character, they need to look deeper into attributes because they can only change their character’s attributes for free once. Besides, if they don’t want to start the journey with the wrong attributes randomly, they should consider them depending on their play style. What are these attributes? Let’s see.

Fractured Online Early Access Goes Live Now

AnsleySeptember 15th, 2022

Good news! An entirely new journey, Fractured Online, is coming on its way today, on September 15, 2022, bringing unique new gameplay experience for MMO players. As a professional online goods store, MmoGah provides cheap Fractured Online gold trades. Below are some game features of Fractured Online.

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