• What's There Awaits for Me in FFXIV
    By Nightmare2021-03-12 00:00:00

    Six years later, I am finally ready to play Final Fantasy XIV again!


    Now and then, I always wanted to get back to it. I miss the time I had with the game, with my character, with my friends. It was a wonderful time of my life.


    I miss the old times, but real life had pushed me to keep moving and stay away from video games because life is life. Sometimes there isn’t so much time for you to do things that you want to do, but to do what you have to do, because when you get older, you get more responsibilities too.


    Now things are stable, and I’ve been thinking of coming back to FFXIV. Since I had the first thought of getting back, it’s been growing stranger and stranger. Old memories are rushing in, my character, my mounts, the events that I have done, the friends that I used to play with, all like yesterday once again.


    ffxiv gameplay


    There must have been many changes in it for the game, many new kinds of stuff, new maps, even new jobs, and higher levels. Back then, the version was called A Realm Reborn, and after that, I can see that there was Heavensward, then Stromblood, and now it’s Shadowbringers. Also, I like the name of Shadowbringers, it brought me back, and even some memories of a dog I once had, it was called Shadow.


    Well, A Realm Reborn was the second time I play FFXIV. The first time was in the year 2010. I don’t remember what the version was, but I was so lucky. I joined a linkshell called Blacksun, the members in it were so kind. The leader Yoichi Whitefox, gathers us often to level up together. As a group, it was much more fun.


    ffxiv guild player

    One Big Family


    I can imagine what I’m going to need the most when I get back in. FFXIV Gil of course, it can make things a lot faster and easier for me to catch up with. Since there were so many updates, it would like a new journey again. I can’t wait to get back to it.


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    Final Fantasy XIV, I'm coming!