• Preview: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR HeavenSward Coming Spring of 2015
    By John Ryan2014-10-22 00:00:00

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was one of the best MMOs launched last year but for some reason the player base had some problems with the game, mainly because it lacked a traditional PVP and it also brings a lot of grinding of FFXIV Gil and items. Despite these small problems, the title was received in a positive manner by critics and had enough sales to justify the release of an expansion.


    It is named Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward. The Final Fantasy XIV devs are set to bring some major changes to the game, as well as a new storyline that will show us what we need to do in order to get to the heavens. It’s a little unclear what this means at the moment, but we can think that the developers talk about a new game world, filled with dangers and lots of new enemies to kill.

    Another feature in Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward comes in the form of an increased level cap. Now you will be able to gain even more experience and level up your character up to level 60, an interesting choice that no doubt was added because many gamers from the player base complained about the low level cap in the original game.

    Moreover, Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward also comes with a new race that will include both female and male characters as well as new jobs and the ability for guilds to create airships. This one is indeed a very interesting feature and we can’t wait to see how this will work in the expansion.

    The game is also set to include new primals, some of them being brought back from previous games in the series, but there will be a new one created specifically for the expansion.

    Of course, we will also get the normal content that you would expect from an expansion, such as new dungeons, new areas to explore and new items to use in-game.

    There’s isn’t more information available for the moment in regards to other new features or improvements brought by Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward, but the lead producer for the game has stated that more announcements and neat stuff regarding the title will be released at the London Fan Fest that will take place on October 25.

    The trailer is pretty fantastic, with epic vistas, dragons and a knight in armor that is sure to launch a thousand cosplays. Watch it below.

    Alongside the new expansion, the original game is also set to receive a new patch 2.4 that will bring a wide range of new dungeons and jobs that gamers can adhere to as they play the game.

    Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenSward is the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and the new additions seem to improve the game quite a lot.

    The expansion is going to launch during the spring of 2015. For more news about Final Fantasy XIV, stay tuned to

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