Leveling Guide for FFXIV Patch 2.5

By John Ryan2015-03-08

When you play FFXIV for the first time, you may meet this situation, you chose a job but you didn’t like it or you wanted to learn another one. How to upgrade alt jobs in patch 2.5, what is the fastest way to upgrade? This article will show you some tips.

Leveling Guide for FFXIV Patch 2.5

Firstly you should have done all main scenario quests before, because without these you couldn’t go to the dungeons. Then if you have a job with level 50, you’ll get extra 50% exp. Other gain buffs you can get are Grand Company Buff and food, cheap food can easily be bought in every major city. Don’t forget to wait in a sanctuary when you log for the rested exp. It may not last long, but an extra 50% is still an extra 50%. With these buffs, you can do the following steps.

  • Basically you do your low level roulette/ guildhest roulette daily, and then afterwords you grind Fates while queueing for the highest dungeon available to you (especially if you have rested).

  • Level 1-8 Hunting Logs

  • Level 8-20 Aleport

  • Level 20-30 Quarrymill

  • Level 30-35 Costa Del Sol (can also spam leves here, "Out to Sea" is insanely efficient)

  • Level 35-50 Coerthas (and select N.Thanalan Fates).

You should also do every guildhest once on each new class for the first time bonus. Keep an eye on the Challenge Log as well because they offer huge exp bonuses. If you can find a party and a good class for it, try to join a DD farm from 44-50 for insane amount of exp on the first pill over and over.

If you don’t like the ways above, you can also try these ways, they may be diverse but a little unefficient.

  • Side Quests (particularly the higher level zones give bigger rewards)

  • Guildleves/Levemete (another way to get exp, and Grand Company leves give you seals too.)

Above all, it is the experience I can share to you. How long you take is based on how much time you can play FFXIV for a day. If you don’t have enough time to play or don’t want to spend so much time upgrading, mmogah can provide FFXIV Powerleveling. It is fast and safe, what you need to consider about is choosing a class that you like and contacting with mmogah online chat. Also if you want to buy FFXIV GIL, mmogah is your best choice. We are not only FFXIV GIL sellers but also real players in FFXIV, we can catch what you need, and try our best to meet every customer.

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