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Final Fantasy XIV Guide for New Job Dark Knight

John Ryan July 10th, 2015 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

Dark Knight as a new tank in FFXIV Heavensward is very popular recently. For most players who don’t have a Dark Knight, there are still many questions about it. Is Dark Knight worthy to play? Here Mmogah makes a guide for you to know more about it, if we can help you some, we will feel glad.

Here is a video about Dark Knight’s ability.

Dark Knight, firstly officially announced during the 2014 London Fan Festival, is a Tank job that wields a Greatsword (2-handed sword) as its weapon. It wields not only a weapon but also the power of Darkness (magic-based tank). Unlike 2.0 jobs, Dark Knight will not have a base class and starts from level 30.

How to become a Dark Knight? Here are some requirements.

1. You must have a Level 50 combat job.

2. You must have completed “Before The Dawn”, it means you must complete all the main scenario quests prior to Patch 3.0.

3. Then access to Ishgard, where Dark Knight’s Guild is located. The unlock quest name is “Our End”, which is found in The Pillars (13, 8). The quest giver is an NPC names “Ishgardian Citizen”.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide for New Job Dark Knight

From some players who have Dark Knight, we gather some feedback. One of the biggest issues facing the Dark Knight are its defensive cooldowns. Dark Dance just isn't all that great, and somehow even worse than the Dragoon's Keen Flurry. Also, Shadow Wall is definitively worse than the Paladin's Sentinel and the Warrior's Vengeance. It would be nice if Convalescence (cross class skill) would affect Souleater to increase self-healing, but as of right now it doesn't.

Some of the skills and traits actually work against each other. Parry is an important part of damage mitigation with the Dark Knight, unlocking the ability to reduce an enemy's damage by 10% with Reprisal every 30 seconds, but Enhanced Dark Dance tosses evasion on Dark Dance when popped. As a result, the Dark Knight may evade an attack that could have been a parry, triggering Reprisal.

It's important to say that compared to the Paladin, the Dark Knight doesn't have a shield to provide blocks for damage mitigation. Meanwhile, it doesn't have the huge health bar and strong healing potential of Warrior. As a result, it sits somewhere between the two jobs not being as good of a main tank as the Paladin, or off-tank as the Warrior.

Of course, this situation will change with more and more players joining in Dark Knight and the patch changed. If you want to have a Dark Knight but you don’t have enough time to upgrade even you don’t complete main scenario quests, Mmogah can provide FFXIV Power Leveling. You can customize your own FF14 Power Leveling, we will try our best to meet your requirements. As the largest FFXIV service site, Mmogah is the most professional on FFXIV Power Leveling and selling FFXIV Gil. No matter when you need to buy FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling, our Live Chat is 24/7 waiting for you.


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