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Final Fantasy XIV Guide for New Job Astrologian

John Ryan July 08th, 2015 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

Astrologian as a new job in the new Patch 3.0 is very popular among FFXIV fans. But most of the players may not have a level 60 Astrologian, as the level 50-60 is not easy to upgrade. Here Mmogah makes a guide for you to know more about the mysterious job Astrologian.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide for New Job Astrologian

Astrologian is a healer job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo. Astrologian's main weapon is the Star Globe. The job starts from level 30, will not require a base class. It employs the use of celestial magicks along with a divining deck in order to heal and support their parties.

Astrologians have access to two stances. Players can switch between Diurnal Sect (provides regen effects) and Nocturnal Sect (provides barrier effects), but cannot do so during combat. This allows the Astrologian to change function to suit the party's needs (For instance, you may use Diurnal Sect if your party includes a Scholar, and Nocturnal Sect if your party has a White Mage.)

Astrologians draws cards randomly, which can be used to give party members one of six buffs. These buffs can also be enhanced in potency or duration, or made to cover an area of effect in exchange for potency. Mastering these effects is a key skill in making the most of your abilities.

Theoretically speaking, Astrologian can team with a Scholar or a White Mage. It sounds like a better healer, but in fact, it is not as perfect as we imaged.

Firstly, Astrologian’s healing spells have a lower MP cost. But Astrologian’s heal has a lower potency than its White Mage and Scholar counterparts. Some players say that the Astrologian is objectively the worst healer of the three at healing through high damage scenarios.

To make matters worse, the Astrologian is missing powerful healing cooldowns. The White Mage can employ Benediction or Tetragrammaton to quickly heal a tank who is near death, or pop Divine Seal to improve efficiency. The Scholar can pop Sacred Soil every 30 seconds and combine it with its shield-based heals, Indomitability, and Lustrate to get out of a bad situation. The Astrologian has several underwhelming cooldowns, the worst offenders being Lightspeed and Collective Unconscious. You could say its best cooldowns are Essential Dignity and Synastry, both of which are outperformed by what the other two jobs offer.

Of course all these are based on this patch. It may change with more and more players playing Astrologian. What’s more, it will influence by the patch and equipment as well. More Asrtologians reaching level 60 more guide will be made. So if you want to try Astrologian, just do it. But in this patch, White Mage and Scholar are the main healers in farming, at least in recent days.

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