• FFXIV: Crafting and Gathering Prepare for 4.05
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    We all know that about half of classes in FFXIV are gatherers and crafters, and MmoGah has a hot essay named FFXIV Gatherers and Crafters Are Easily to Earn a Large Number of Money that gets popular among the ffxiv players. FFXIV Patch 4.05 is coming this week, as for player who have no time, they may directly choose ffxiv power leveling from professional website, while as for players who have time to gather and craft by themselves, MmoGah wants to share a strategy seen from which guides crafting and gathering to prepare for 4.05. The guide is great, but all of them are based on the assumption that the way the devs design crafting will largely remain the same as 3.05.

    Cap yellow scrips

    The writer says since they shouldn’t be expecting Favors to return, for materials such as [Odorless Animal Fat], [Moonbeam Silk], the 4.05 equivalents, if they’ll exist at all, may come from yellow scrips. It would be wise to stock up on yellow scrips beforehand, and also stock up on [Zelkova Lumbera] and [Molybdenum Ingot] for turn-ins in case 2000 yellow scrips isn’t enough.


    Get enough Aethersands

    The writer notes that Everborn drops from [Torreya Branch], Everbright from [Perlite], and Everdeep from [Sweatfish]. [Sweatfish] requires [Stonefly Larva], which is a yellow scrip purchase. He is personally expecting the amount of aethersands used to roughly be equal to that of HW’s: all three will be used equally, accessories and waist will require 1; body and legs will require 3; head, hands, and feet will require 2.


    Get enough Demimateria

    The writer shows that although 3.05 i180 crafted DoW/DoM gear did not require [Battlecraft Demimateria III], there is still reason to believe that they might require them this time around, although the chance is not high. Depending on your servers, it can be very cheap currently so stocking up can be a good idea. If you are like him, though, desynths on dungeon gear just from daily roulettes can be plenty already.


    [Fieldcraft Demimateria III] is more likely to be requried, but it is not as easy to acquire passively (i.e. as a side bonus from doing battle content). Prices may or may not rise, depending on how many people on your server is ready to meet the demand. It doesn’t hurt, however, to desynth some of your own, or buy some if the prices are currently cheap enough.


    [Mastercraft Demimateria] will also be likely required for crafter/gatherer MH/OH.


    Stock up on 1 materials

    This should be extremely obvious but he’ll just write it anyways.

    [Torreya Log] - Expected CRP main material for Torreya Lumber

    [Palladium Ore] - Expected BSM/ARM or GSM main material for Palladium Ingot

    [Chromite Ore] - Expected BSM/ARM or GSM main material for Chromite Ingot

    [Rhea] - Expected WVR main material for ? Cloth

    [True Griffin Hide] - Possible LTW material for True Griffin Leather

    [Hallowed Basil] - Possible ALC/CUL material (already used for some crafts currently)


    Stock up on expected materials for Grade 2 Reisui

    The writer says that he’s expecting that one of the ephemeral node items could be the main material for all Grade 2 Reisui - there is no clear guess, but he’s leaning towards [Doman Yellow] or [Torreya Branch] (equivalent to Clary Sage).

    The other 2~3 type-specific mat won’t be so easy to guess though. It can either be the same as the Grade 1 Reisui mat, or it can be completely different (equivalent to Gaelicatnip, Griffin Talon, Chysahl Greens etc.). It is pretty difficult to stock these up in advance.

    All this and they don’t even know if Grade 2 Reisui would be released, so this is a low priority.


    Stock up on existing Lv68 materials

    There is a somewhat decent chance that materials such as [Imperial Jade], [Twinsilk], [Gazelle Leather] will be used in some 2 crafts. Don’t expect to use these a lot though. These are also low priority, so don’t buy these en masse, but rather stockpile them if you get them incidentally from stuff like desynth. Equivalents in 3.05 are Chimerical Felt, Larimar, Hardsilver Ingot, etc.


    Other obvious stuff you should’ve done already

    Crafting food

    Gathering food

    Crafting pots

    Some materias (if you haven’t melded to expected 2 stat requirements yet)

    Finish class quests for Stroke of Genius


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