• FFXIV 5.5: Paglth'an Dungeon Guide
    By Ansley2021-04-30 00:00:00

    Paglth'an is the newest dungeon that is made available by patch 5.5 of Final Fantasy XIV - Death Unto Dawn.


    Here are some excerpts from MTQcapture's dungeon guide video to describe how to conquer Paglth'an dungeon. If we summarize these methods in one sentence, it would be familiarizing ourselves with the skills of each boss to avoid damage and thus fight to the end. If it is too abstract to understand, let's check out the contents below !


    When We Face Amhuluk

    Amhuluk is the first boss who has some skills below:


    Critical Rip is a tankbuster, and it will deal serious damage to the primary target.

    How players do: Tanks should be sure to use cooldowns through this.


    Lightning Bolt will target all players with a large blue circle and apply the lightning rod debuff on them.

    How players do: Players need to drop off their lightning onto one of the lightning rods around the outer edge of the arena. Failing to do so will deal great damage and place a magic vulnerability up debuff on the affected players. Immediately after that, the boss will cast Electric Burst, which deals very serious group-wide damage. Once Amhuluk casts it, players with debuff will be very dangerous.


    Thundercall will spawn a number of orbs around the platform that will pulsate damage around them.

    How players do: Players will need to find a safe spot in between these attacks to avoid getting hit. While these orbs are pulsing, the boss will also use Spike Flail to target players directly behind him immediately after turning towards the player and casting Wide Blaster. Players can move to the boss's side to avoid this combo.


    dungeon 1


    dungeon 2


    When We Face Magitek Core

    The majority of this fight deals with various packs of adds while dodging the attacks from the cannons.


    How players do: Players will need to pay attention to the engines on the wall and move into the safe zone during each attack while destroying the packs of adds and avoiding AoE attacks. Eventually, the cannons will clear the way to the Magitek Core, and players will be able to jump on and attack it.


    Defensive Reaction will do great group-wide damage.

    How players do: Healers need to be careful of it.


    dungeon 3


    dungeon 4


    When We Face Lunar Bahamut

    Lunar Bahamut is the final boss.


    Twisted Scream will deal great group-wide damage.

    How players do: Healers need to be careful of it.


    Lunar Nails will drop down onto the platform in sequence, and they explode in large circles in the same order that they drop down in.

    How players do: players can move out of the way of the first set of nails to dodge the first attack, moving into the safe zone created after they explode.


    dungeon 5


    There are many other skills such as Perigean Breath, Akh Morn, Megaflare, Megaflare Dive, Kan Rhai, Lunar Flare, Gigaflare. Their names are somewhat similar, and we need visual sensations to remember them better. So check out the video below.



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