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The world of MMORPGs has few games that can be compared to the success and longevity of Final Fantasy XI. This massively online role-playing game was created by Squaresoft and published by its huge partner company Square Enix back in 2002, meaning literally decades ago. It represents the eleventh part of the Final Fantasy franchise and is an immensely popular series. The same series originated in Japan and has strong JRPG roots, but it also quickly found a huge following across the world. Today, the situation remains the same, and numerous FFXI guide websites and videos are still very popular. That applies to the game as a whole, which is known today as Final Fantasy XI Online. However, while hugely attractive to all fans of Japanese-styled RPG games, the title is still more than challenging. That includes its overall process of playing the game but also its individual elements.


Here, FFXI ultimate weapons are among the most relevant elements, as these have the ability to drastically influence the manner in which the same game is experienced by the players. Naturally, the same also means that it is often a daunting task to reach the same Final Fantasy XI ultimate weapons. In fact, numerous online resources, like the big FFXI subreddit, have had a big and active community for years. But, players still often find themselves short on ideas on how to reach and use these weapons. To help with that process, here is an FFXI weapons guide that will showcase all of the relevant facts about ultimate weapons and how any player can reach and use them to the biggest effect.


FFXI Guide to Ultimate Weapons


The World of FFXI

The gaming process in Final Fantasy XI Online takes place in a fictional world of fantasy by the name of Vana'diel. Here, before they can seek out FFXI ultimate weapons, players need to create their characters and take on diverse objectives and tasks. These are added to a number of quests that the players resolve and thus progress through the game and its key plot points of the main storyline. In the last two decades, the game got five expansion packs and six separate add-on scenarios. Each of these brought a big new storyline to the world of Vana'diel, but also additional quests, items, areas, and much more. Among these are natural weapons as well, which play a big role in any RPG game, where FFXI is no exception. But, the most important among them are the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Weapons.


These offer an extremely powerful variation of offensive tools, but players, in general, have to work hard to attain them. In that process, there is a big potential help in the form of MMOGAH boosting services. Thanks to their dedicated FFXI gil shop, players can get ahead in the game in a much more rapid and effective manner. That is why countless Final Fantasy gamers continue to use the same services as the most trustworthy and cost-effective provider of FFXI boosting options. That applies to Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Weapons. However, there is still a range of elements that players should be aware of when they take on the process of finding these powerful in-game items, and this FFXI weapons guide will reveal all of them.


Importance of Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Weapons

The game of Final Fantasy XI does not by any means revolve around attaining and upgrading Ultimate Weapons. However, for those players who manage to get them, the same effort will be well-rewarded. Beyond the basic effectiveness in combat and their range of shield and instrument abilities, the bare fact remains that FFXI Ultimate Weapons are simply beyond cool to wield in this MMORPG. Because of that, it is hard to imagine a player who takes on the challenge of getting such a weapon only to feel let down by it. With that in mind, Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Weapons remain one of the most interesting aspects of this long-running title, and that will not change anytime soon.


FFXI Ultimate Weapons Breakdown

Throughout the entire Final Fantasy series, every game that was published had the concept of the Ultimate Weapon, featuring at least one of these. FFXI followed this tradition, showcasing five different types of weapons in the world of Vana’diel. All of these offered more power than any ordinary armament, making them a natural point of interest to the players. Rise of the Zilart, the first expansion of the game, showed the first batch of these superior weapons. They were labeled the Relic Weapons, and they provided low-delay and high-damage combinations. Treasures of Aht Urhgan, the third expansion, introduced Mythic Weapons, which were focused on particular jobs. After these, the Empyrean Weapons appeared for the tasks in the subsequent expansions, but these overall followed the Relic Weapon principles. Lastly, Ergon Weapons and Aeonic Weapons were added to the world of Vana’diel in the additional content that Final Fantasy XI introduced over the years. All of these witnessed a range of updates, including those changes that made them even more powerful. That is why FFXI ultimate weapons represent such a massive part of the gaming experience for all players, even though it is not necessarily one at the same time. The same is also the key reason why each weapon-dedicated FFXI guide and specialized FFXI weapon guides place such an emphasis on the Ultimate Weapons.


FFXI Ultimate Weapon Overview

Ultimate Weapons like Empyrean, Aeonic, and Relic types all offer armaments that have high base damage and an exceedingly low delay. Those are incredibly useful in combat and can mean a difference between overcoming enemies or getting stuck at a particular point in the game. Besides these, these special weapons also come with a set of shields and instruments as an added bonus. However, they also differ from each other to an extent as well. For example, Relics Weapons have an effect that deals double or even triple damage on occasions. They also provide a boost to their Weapon Skills, to which they are linked to the extent of 40 percent.


Additionally, all weapons that are in the off-hand wielding state will see their special effects nullified and ignored. But, even here, the developers created an update in the summer of 2022. Thanks to it, Empyrean weapons have a big boost of base stat, and Store TP from the Aeonic Weapons applies even when employed in the off-hand slot. Another way to classify these armaments is whether they are weapon-type focused or job-focused. The weapon-type are Relic Weapons, Aeonic Weapons, and Empyrean Weapons. On the other hand, job-specific are Divergence Weapons and Mythic Weapons. However, the same is a relatively minor element of this Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Weapons showcase. Instead, the main element of the use of Ultimate Weapons is the process of their full upgrade, thanks to the character of Oboro.


FFXI Ultimate Weapon 1


Augment Upgrade Process for Ultimate Weapon

The start of the FFXI Ultimate Weapon augment process should be the Aeonic weapon or the upgraded 119 III weapon, along with the designated key item. The key item can be found through the trade of 10,000 Job Points from any of the jobs on offer from Oboro. The other possibility for gaining the appropriate key item is the Dynamics and Divergence Wave 3 boss figures. Each of these showcases a type of in-game weapon, and after the players reach Wave 3, they have to destroy the Elemental Circle to reach either the Mask of Darkness key or the Mask of Light key. But, no matter what course of action players take to get the key item or turn 10,000 job points into one, the next step is to go to Oboro and find out what upgrade of weapons is accessible. This will allow players to upgrade to get their Ultimate Weapon options. To start the process, players need to give Oboro all their eligible weapons and add one S. Astral Detritus. That will allow them to have their Rank 1 arguments allocated on their weapon, along with a bar indicator that represents the total RP - which stands for Reinforcement Points - and the next available rank.


Here on out, the players will need to continue to progress the ranking of their Ultimate Weapon with RP. These are gained when trading a weapon to Oboro, plus a number of eligible crystals. Each provides additional RP points. The process of FFXI Ultimate Weapons upgrade will generate immensely powerful offensive tools, and their abilities will stack up along the way.


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