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FFXI Warrior Guide – Abilities & Weapons & How to Level And More

zaryabNovember 28th, 2022

Players worldwide have grown to have a strong passion for Warrior throughout the years of FFXI. Its natural destructive capability, versatility in nearly all situations, and the level of mastery needed to use it for your benefit genuinely. People ask about Warrior. Therefore, in this guide, we've shared some helpful information about the Warrior in FFXI.

Top 5 FFXI Mounts and How To Get Them

DanikhanNovember 23rd, 2022

Are you bored of using the Raptor mount over and over again? Are you looking for new mounts in Final Fantasy 11? You are at the right place. Here are our top picks for the five best mounts in the game and how you can get them.

FFXI Alexandrite Farming Guide

zaryabNovember 14th, 2022

Alexandrite is a rare and precious gem that changes shades of green and red depending on the light. Finding a way to grind for Alexandrite can be challenging, though, as the game did not provide any apparent cues for players on what to do. This article will show you how to quickly farm Alexandrite in Final Fantasy XI.

FFXI Sortie Bosses Guide

DanikhanNovember 07th, 2022

Sortie, a new party-based battle mode introduced in the August 2022 update, allows between one and six players to venture into a massive maze packed with enemies. Players advance in this mode through a different region of Outer Ra'Kaznar. Here is a bosses guide in Sortie.

How to Build an Empyrean Weapon in FFXI

PennyNovember 03rd, 2022

Last time, we have written an article about how to make Mythic Weapons in FFXI, and this time, we’ll continue with the weapon series by introducing how to build an Empyrean Weapon in Final Fantasy XI.

A Complete Guide to FFXI Macros

zaryabOctober 28th, 2022

A Macro is a shortcut to run a set of one to six commands that can be used to activate a job ability, begin casting a spell, command a pet, or carry out other actions. Here is a complete guide for FFXI Macros.

Final Fantasy XI Guide to Alchemy

ivicamilaricOctober 25th, 2022

Alchemy in FFXI is one of the most interesting things for any player to engage in. The same process often includes a range of factors and elements that can get quite confusing, even for veteran players. To help with that process, here is a breakdown of these processes with an ultimate Final Fantasy XI alchemy guide.

FFXI Crafting Guide

DanikhanOctober 24th, 2022

Crafting is the process of utilizing a crystal to transform a bunch of items into a single item or a group of the same item. Cooking, Clothcraft, Leathercraft, Woodworking, Bonecraft, Smithing, Goldsmithing, and Alchemy are the eight synthesis crafting classes. Every class has its own unique guild with its own set of skills, secret recipes, and other members.

FFXI Gardening Guide

DanikhanOctober 17th, 2022

Gardening in Final Fantasy XI may be a real pain, but every once in a while, you'll reap a beautiful crop and enjoy yourself in the process. It takes time and care, plus gil is frequently required for "higher" plants. There are several speculations concerning FFXI gardening but very few facts. This article will provide some helpful information to start your gardening adventures.

FFXI Mythic Weapon Guide – How to Make One

PennyOctober 12th, 2022

Mythic Weapons, or "The Myriad Arms of Bahrain," are twenty weapons (one for every job except Geomancer and Rune Fencer) obtained through the "Arms of Balrahn" series of quests. There is a weapon skill associated with each weapon. If you want to know how to make one, then you are in the right place. Cloudchief’s video will walk us through the process of making a Mythic Weapon.

FFXI Fishing Guide

zaryabOctober 10th, 2022

Fishing in FFXI refers to such crafts that involve catching fish in rivers, ponds, seas, oceans, and lakes in the world of Vana’diel. Fishing is one of the interesting quests in FFXI that most players like due to its highly rewarding nature.

FFXI Tank Guide – General Guidelines & Best Job and Trust Options

DanikhanOctober 04th, 2022

Tanks in FFXI are used as a generic term for any profession that is utilized for the explicit goal of garnering the interest of any monster throughout the course of a battle. They are typically expected to lead the way as players move through dungeons. So in this guide, we will go in-depth talking about the roles, jobs, trusts, also general guidelines for Tank.

FFXI Samurai Guide

HakkySeptember 28th, 2022

The job of a samurai is highly complex in Final Fantasy XI, and players may only become eligible for it if they have achieved or above level 30 in the game. Compared to their earlier versions, the Samurai underwent a radical transformation.

FFXI Top Five Best Weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors & Where to Find

DanikhanSeptember 27th, 2022

Most players are confused about selecting a weapon in FFXI. So, here are the top five best weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors, which are Ragnarok, Apocalypse, Ukonvasara, Conqueror, and Bravura.

FFXI Shinryu Abyssea Final Boss Guide

HakkySeptember 26th, 2022

The material of Final Fantasy XI Abyssea has been available for quite some time, and the final boss, Shinryu, has been battled against several times by a wide variety of explorers. This boss guide on how to battle Shinryu in Abyssea will provide you with all the information you need to know about how to defeat this dragon king.

FFXI DPS Guide – How to Improve & Job Options

DanikhanSeptember 22nd, 2022

The article aims to provide a guide for everything needed to become a DPS in FFXI, including what roles to take on, what weapons to use, and how to proceed.

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