• Elder Scrolls Online: Guide to PVE Group
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    When travelling in a group in The Elder Scrolls Online, there are countless opportunities for adventure. If you enjoy playing as part of a group, you can find information about some of the different PvE group activities below.


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    Molag Bal threatens to pull Tamriel into his Oblivion realm of Coldharbour, and the Dark Anchors will allow him to succeed if they aren't driven back. You'll know when you see a Dark Anchor, also known as a Dolmen—there will be a very visible disturbance.

    Make sure to gather some allies before you try to drive back the Daedra and destroy the Anchor! Doing so will earn you reputation in the Fighters Guidd and help you unlock abilities in the Fighters Guild Skill Line. You can even pick up daily quests for clearing Dark Anchors from the Fighters Guild bases in the Alliance capitals.




    You'll occasionally encounter creatures in the world that are too powerful for one player to defeat alone. You can identify them by the World Boss icon on your map (a skull crossed with swords).



    If you find a World Boss wandering in Tamriel, be sure and call for allies! They are much stronger than the other overland enemies.


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    Dungeons are intended for four players, and each group has its own version of the dungeon upon entering—no one else can wander in. While in a dungeon, you'll encounter tough enemies and bosses that you'll need to work together to overcome. You can find dungeons on your map by looking for an icon with two crossed torches.



    There are many dungeons you can choose to tackle, including:


    •Arx Corinium, found in Shadowfen

    •Blackheart Haven, found in Bangkorai

    •Blessed Crucible, found in The Rift

    •City of Ash, found in Greenshade

    •Crypt of Hearts, found in Rivenspire

    •Darkshade Caverns, found in Deshaan

    •Direfrost, found in Eastmarch

    •Elden Hollow, found in Grahtwood

    •Fungal Grotto, found in Stonefalls

    •Selene's Web, found in Repear's March

    •Spindleclutch, found in Glenumbra

    •Tempest Island, found in Malabal Tor

    •The Banished Cells, found in Auridon

    •Vaults of Madness, found in Coldharbour

    •Volenfell, found in Alik'r Desert

    •Wayrest Sewers, found in Stormhaven


    There are also additional dungeons associated with unique DLC game packs, such as the Shadows of the Hist.

    Dungeons are available in both Normal and Veteran mode. Level 45+ players are able to pick up Undaunted daily quests that provide unique rewards.




    Public Dungeons are large group dungeons that are open to anybody who enters, meaning you can have many different players within the same dungeon at any one time. Even if they are not in the same group. Public dungeons are indicated on your map by the ruin icon.



    Public Dungeons usually include large groups of enemies and multiple challenging boss fights. While it is possible to complete a Public Dungeon solo, it is more advisable to group up with your fellow adventurers to take on some of its more dangerous fights.




    Trials are 12-player challenges for organized PvE group play, and are available in both Normal and challenging Veteran versions. Groups are pitted against the most aggressive types of encounters Tamriel has to offer. If your group is successful in completing a Trial, you can earn unique rewards. Trials are indicated on your map with a gateway icon and a plus.



    There are currently five Trials available:

    •Aetherian Archive, found in Craglorn

    •Hel Ra Citadel, found in Craglorn

    •Sanctum Ophidia, found in Craglorn

    •Maw of Lorkhaj, found in Reaper's March, and requires the Thieves Guild DLC game pack

    •Halls of Fabrication, found in Vvardenfell, and requires The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

    Trials are available in Normal and Veteran modes. Veteran Trials are timed and attributed to a server-wide leaderboard. Each week, the players behind the top Trial runs receive additional rewards.




    Arenas are unique challenges that are designed for smaller groups or solo play. They feature waves of enemies, and offer unique rewards based on completion. Arenas are often indicated on your map with a gateway icon.



    There are currently two Arenas available:

    •Dragonstar Arena, a four-player arena found in Craglorn

    •Maelstrom Arena, a solo arena found in Wrothgar, and requires the Orsinium DLC game pack

    Arenas are available in both Normal and Veteran modes (with unique rewards for Veteran mode specifically). Arenas, like Trials, have their own weekly leaderboards for Veteran difficulty that feature additional rewards.


    Don't forget that if you ever have additional gameplay questions, you should navigate to the in-game Help menu for more information on the game's features and mechanics.


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