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By Hasi2023-06-12

This Diablo 4 Map guide is a must-read for players who wish for easy navigation throughout their dangerous journey. Properly understanding the in-game locations and challenges is always a good idea to stay ahead of others. The Map of Diablo 4 is quite huge, and to explore all the new locations, stay with us till the end.


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As you are aware, completing the Main Quest and several side tasks is necessary to discover the Sanctuary's mysteries. Indeed, many players would be eager to know how to check completed quests in Diablo 4. Players must put in a lot of time and effort to find the hidden locations, but with the help of this guide, you will be able to see every accessible region in the game and the blurry ones.


Diablo 4 Interactive Map - How Does It Help?

The map of Diablo 4 is six times bigger than its previous version, which means a lot of fun is coming your way, and one thing is confirmed, you won't get bored while exploring the locations. This map will help you track everything, including events, quests, and the altars of Lilith. 


The range of Sanctuary events allows you to earn multiple rewards, and as you know that it is full of mysteries; knowing locations through our map guide would be a plus for you because you will be required to uncover new areas within the game. 


Read below to know how this map will help you find the Altars of Lilith, Legendary Aspects, World Bosses, Merchants, Priority Quests, Altar of Extraction, Cellars, Dungeons, Chests, Unique Enemies, Waypoints, NPCs, Strongholds, Side Quests, Local Events, Side Quests, Gathering Legions, Ultra Rare Enemies, etc. Besides, you must know the best classes that may help you dominate every map. If you are new to this game, read the Diablo 4 Classes Picking Guide.


Explore the Locations and Waypoints

With the help of this map, you can easily find the areas of Sanctuary, including the distinct regions of Scosglen, Kehjista, Fractured Peaks, Haweza, and Dry Steppes. You can fight the enemies in each region more efficiently when you know about the locations. It allows you to explore all the waypoints without any trouble.


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Without the Interactive Map, roaming and finding the altars in Sanctuary would be hard. If you are willing to maximize your powers fast, you should completely understand this map. It will also help you quickly reach important quests and events, including boss battles. So stay one step ahead of your rivals by using this Interactive map. 


Dungeons and Cellars

Finding and exploring dungeons is a big challenge; it is undoubtedly not a piece of cake and requires much effort and time. However, the Diablo 4 Interactive map is here to save you from making much effort. You can easily find the exact location of dungeons and can plan your way accordingly. Get ready to face the challenges and trials to win rewards. 


Moreover, you can easily find artifacts and other Diablo IV items that enhance your character's power with this map. This is such a life savior, and if you are the one who always finds it difficult to look out for these things, then it's time to start your journey without any fear.


All Altars of Lilith

To enhance the power of character, the altars of Lilith are a must-have but not easy to find. It is because these are placed in different locations; some are hidden and hard to find, while some can be seen easily. You must discover new areas that take several playing hours, but now, it is no longer a big deal.

With the help of this map, you will be able to improve your abilities and skills by quickly discovering them. You can get +2 Dexterity, +2 Willpower, +2 Intelligence, +8 Maximum Life, and +2 Strength. 


Main and Side Quests

You should participate in main and side quests to improve your character; the interactive map helps players locate the quest-giving NPCs so that they can play by following the storylines and earn multiple rewards. As you know, every player should participate and complete main quests to progress in the game, so find their locations easily with this map. 


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As for the side, quests are not mandatory, and it is up to you whether you want to complete them. You can undoubtedly meet them if you're going to earn more rewards. They typically take between 20 and 5 minutes to finish, and some of them can take up to 15 minutes, but it will be worthwhile.


All Merchants/Vendors

The Diablo 4 interactive map also helps find the Merchants who can be found in the different areas of Sanctuary; they help players trade weapons, armor, and other accessories. When you progress in the game and gather valuable items throughout your journey, you take them to vendors who give you multiple offers. Besides, you can purchase items from a trustworthy site like


It is up to you to select from their services per your character's requirements, but as you know, these merchants are hard to find when you don't know their exact locations. This is where this map comes to the rescue. Pinpoint the precise locations of these Merchants with the help of the interactive map and discover them quickly.


All Bosses

Main Campaign Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, World Bosses, and Stronghold Bosses are the four types of Diablo 4's bosses. A yellow bar indicates the boss's health, usually higher than other enemies. 


You can defeat the bosses who appear in the Sanctuary from time to time to get rewards, but you have to be there at the perfect time. This map will help you locate these bosses to improve your character with the unique items you will get after defeating them. 


All Events

To participate in the events at the right time and to find them by roaming in the Sanctuary have become much easier with the interactive map of Diablo 4. Now, you will not miss any quest or event because you can easily find their locations with this map. You can now also participate in local quests that are special optional quests and win rewards.


They can be found in fixed locations in the game, including the large open areas and inside the fortresses; they are also not easy to find; if you have an interactive map, you will not miss even a local event. When the event is available, you will see an orange circle and everything related to it will happen inside it.



When we compare cellars and dungeons, these are smaller, found in a single room, and contain only one objective. You must defeat the elite enemy in each cellar to get the chest; sometimes, you must solve a puzzle. Cellars can be found easily with the help of an interactive map; they are marked with an icon.


Dry Steppes Cellars, Fractured Peaks Cellars, Hawezar Cellars, Kehjistan Cellars, and Scosglen Cellars are the regions of Cellars. You should know about their sub-regions first, which you can do with this map.



You can keep the items in the stash to clear up the extra space from your inventory. However, you must be at another stash point to get your stored items. The stash boxes are placed in different areas for convenience, and when you know the exact location, you can easily find stashes to store things.


Your first stash box should be at the inn in Kyovashad. Once you start moving forward in the game, you can increase the storage capacity, but at first, you'll only get one stash tab with 70 slots. Look for the unique icon for each stash box when trying to find it on the map.



They are available at different places in the game to change the appearance of a character, so if you enjoy giving your character a different look from time to time, you can quickly locate them now. The Wardrobe and Storage are close to one another and can be found in Kyovashad.


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Do you know that you don't need to visit the shop repeatedly to change your character's appearance? Even though it has a lot to offer, the wardrobes found in the game would be enough for you to change the look altogether. 


Additionally, you can save the designs for use later, such as right before a battle or when you must change your appearance swiftly. With the help of the map, you can easily find the wardrobe and defeat your enemies in style.


Silent Chests

Know the locations of these unique chests with this map; these can be found worldwide but require a whispering key which you can buy from a particular type of vendor with the currency 'Obols.' The silent chest contains various unique and rare items. You can also get items using in-game currency gold, which is hard to obtain (here you can click Diablo IV gold farming guide); however, to boost your performance and get premium content, you can buy fast and cheap Diablo 4 gold from a reliable site.


Stable Masters

When you level up in the game, you can go to the stables to buy mounts to travel in Diablo 4 easily. So, if you are looking for them, use the interactive map now. If you want to know how to level up fast, read A Guide to Diablo 4 – Leveling up Fast.


How to Use Diablo 4 Interactive Map?

This Diablo 4 interactive map is easy to navigate; follow the instructions below to perform better than ever:

Follow the guide to find the map and start using it to know the exact locations.

On the top right side of the page, you will see a search bar where you can type words like merchants, events, all Altar of Lilith locations, and whatever you want to find.

You can use checkmark layers to filter the categories on the map's right side.

Save your time and effort by figuring out your game route with this map.

If you are a VIP user, you can save your progress and access it from any logged-in device.

Multiple Character Slots, Personal Checklist, and Progress Reset are also available for VIP users. 

You can also view the map on the full screen if you are a VIP user, click on the "Expand screen icon" and start searching efficiently.


Final Words

Diablo 4 Interactive Map is a life savior for players; if you love playing this game, get ready to have a more immersed experienced because you can easily find the locations of the most wanted places of this game. These include the dangerous dungeons, All Altars of Lilith, Bosses, Main and Side Quests, Merchants, etc. Finding them all has never been so easy, but with the help of this map, you can survive the Sanctuary in the best possible manner. Locate all the required events and items that help power your character with this map and stay ahead of others by knowing exactly where you should go. We hope this guide will help you throughout your journey. For more guides and details on Diablo 4, keep visiting MmoGah's news/guides.


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