Diablo 4 Gold Farm Guide

By Shirley Huang2023-06-07

Diablo 4 is now available for all players! You might be planning to grab what you need to survive quickly in Sanctuary, including all the best weapons and gear. For all of that, you need a lot of Diablo 4 gold and other resources.


Gold tends to become more important than items in Diablo 4. Because Diablo 4 is unlike other Diablo series games with various tradable items. Many Diablo 4 items have trade restrictions. Once you bind items in Diablo 4, you can no longer trade them. However, you can update these items by using gold to reset attributes you don't need. This process requires a lot of gold as you may need to reset more than once for a desired attribute.


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There are many methods to make gold in Diablo IV. Here we list some of the best ones that you should take advantage of them.


Repeated Running Dungeons

Repeatedly run these two specific dungeons: Anica's Claim and Dead Man's Dredge, as they have a "Collect Animus from Animus Carriers" objective. All of them are Elite monsters that often drop rarer loot. Then you can portal back to town and sell all the gear to vendors for huge amounts of gold.


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Strongholds and Side Dungeons are the best choices to run since they are numerous and can be run repeatedly. The most efficient dungeons to farm are those with few dead ends and many enemies. Completing a dungeon grants a mix of gear, XP, and gold.


You can also get Diablo IV gold from repeatedly slaying armies of dungeon foes and your gear sales.


Exploring Every Cellar You Find

Cellars are short instances like dungeons, and they are essentially combat challenge rooms that flood you with basic enemies. Defeat them all and reward you with gold.


Killing Treasure Goblins

These enemies will attempt to bolt as soon as they see you coming, but if you're able to defeat them before they escape, they'll drop much gold and a nice pile of gear, too.


Looting Corpses, Rubble, and Chests

They will drop small amounts of gold, and they'll add up over time.


Completing Side Quests

Investing time in completing side quests is worthwhile if you want to increase your Renown in a particular zone. They also offer rewards such as gold, experience, and sometimes special Diablo 4 items or caches of goodies.


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Selling and Trading Items

Tradable items and consumables have inherent values based on their prices in the economy. High demand + early Season starts can make certain items worth a fortune. We advise only trading for high-end items that are actually worth your time.


Selling gear is easy and straightforward to do, as almost every settlement has a vendor ready to buy gear for sizable amounts of gold.


Leveling Your Renown

Each new Renown level grants you a nice chunk of 10,000 gold. You can level Renown by discovering new locations, finishing quests, finding the Altars of Lilith, and clearing dungeons & strongholds.


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Completing World Events

The World Events can be found randomly and are marked on your minimap as bright orange circles. If you complete the event's objective, you'll get a large quantity of gold, a chest of loot, and enemy drops.


There is only one way to obtain Murmuring Obols, and that’s through World Events. Murmuring Obols are a currency that can only be used at the Purveyor of Curiosities. Players can exchange Murmuring Obols for a random weapon & armor or buy Whispering Keys with them, or random loot. The latter can be sold to get gold.


Activating Greed Shrines

When you see Greed Shrines, activate them. These monolithic stone statues can occasionally be found in the world & in dungeons and will temporarily make every enemy you hit drop gold repeatedly.


Farming High-end Items and Fighting a World Boss

Naturally, high-end items are best obtained through the most difficult bosses and strongholds, so the best method is to take part in as many world boss battles as possible, like Ashava, who requires a massive 12-man team. If you take them down, you'll receive lots of gold and high-tier loot.


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