• Some Mercenary Changes We Expect from D2R Patch 2.5
    By Ansley2022-08-25 00:00:00

    After the D2R patch 2.4 update, players have experienced mercenary for a period of time. Then what changes would you like to see in the following patch 2.5? Below are some expectations we’ve listed.

    We Hope Rogue Scouts Can Use Amazon-Specific Bows

    From patch 2.3 to patch 2.4, Rogue Scouts took a huge step forward. Their utility attacking from the range can now use Freezing Arrow or Explosion Arrow.

    And then, in addition to that, we hope they can now roll over inwards in amazon specific bows, and they can equip them and then gain the additional plus stats from those plus skills. So if players have plus three of Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills to grand machine bow or matriarchal bow, they can then roll inside cold effects like the ice of Harmony D2R Runeword for more DPS.

    And when Rogue Scouts can use bows and crossbows, they can roll Insight Runeword in bows. We recommend that budget characters do this to increase the survival rates of their Rogue Scouts, who have no Life Steal and are without putting in Call to Arms Runeword.

    We Hope Iron Wolf Can Use Sorceress Orbs

    The second thing we want to change is to increase Iron Wolf’s DPS bump. And we think it could be accomplished by enabling Iron Wolf to use Sorceress Orbs.

    Particularly in Shooter’s Temper and Death’s Fathom weapons, we can see the effects of Sorceress Orbs, which can provide up to 20% fire damage, 20% lighting damage, and 30% cold damage.

    Iron Wolf currently uses Crescent Moon, Lawbringer Runewords, and Crystal Swords, so we need some additional weapon options, and Sorceress Orbs provides a different weapon alternative.

    We Hope Iron Wolf Has More Sort of Additional Skills

    We want Iron Wolf to have more sort of additional skills to complement with DPS bump. So maybe the fire Iron Wolf can cast a Meteor, and maybe the cold Iron Wolf can cast a frozen orb for the cold variant. More skills, which have decent damage for the lightning counterpart with any additional effects, can be increased.

    We Hope Barbarian Warrior Can Use Axes

    If mercenaries had the ability to use weapons of axe type, it would open up new unique, and different alternative options for players. For example, what if mercenaries were to use an ethereal Executioner’s Justice? It would be a ton of damage with a 50% Chance to cast level 6 Decrepify when they kill an enemy.

    So we think using axes opens up different weapon choices, and it would be a good option to make the mercenary active and stronger.

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