What's the Delivery Time of My Pokemon Go Stardust Boosting Orders?

MmoGah Support
2017-03-03 08:32

The speed of the delivery depends on your account level and the amount of stardust you need. Normally we can boost around 100k Stardust for your account every day.

Tips: For Stardust boosting if you haven't received the delivered email from us within 5 hours, please wait patiently or check the contact email or phone number on your order. Many of the delayed orders are caused of the wrong account inf. (Account Name or Password) and the wrong contact inf. (Phone Number or Email Address). We can't log in your account for the boosting with your wrong account inf, and if you use Gmail as the account, we will also need the verification code from you when we try to log in your account. So please keep an eye on your contact email and phone after you have placed an order and make sure your contact inf. is correct.

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