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WoW Classic: Top 5 Ways to Farm Gold in Dire Maul

Dire Maul is a 5-man dungeon in WoW Classic, made available on Oct 15, 2019. It is located deep within the forests of Feralas and is considered one of WoW Classic's first "catch-up" instances, containing many pieces of notable gears.


Do you know how to get to Dire Maul? How to make gold fast in Dire Maul?

This is a real player Punkrat’s video. It gives a total overview of what to expect from this dungeon how it’s going to affect the game, how the Dire Maul is going to affect the economy in a large way, so get ready to stuff your wallet with wow classic gold. Today would like to share the top 5 ways to farm gold in Dire Maul. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.


Lasher Farm

Let’s cover the most common run, the one with the lowest barrier entry Lasher Runs, this specific farm run has been a common gold farming strategy since original vanilla back in 2005.

Dire Maul East is the lowest level dungeon out of the three North East and West, which also doesn’t require a key to gain access. In fact you don’t even need to be level 60 to execute on this farm at all, you could start in your middle level 50s, although that’s mainly true for mages, so that’s why I mentioned it as a low barrier to entry, which is really simple to execute, so right as you enter DM east you are perched over a courtyard with massive overgrowth product protruding through the gap down in that courtyard are a ton of plant based on enemies.

The packs that we are looking for down. There are Lashers who are big groups of little sapling type creatures scattered across the entire courtyard floor, the idea is really simple that from packed of Lasher’s group them up and AoE them down. Loot everything and then reset, you can do this farm on most classes that can a weak mages, of course the best priests can do it with holy Nova.

This is a good farm, because the loot table on these Lasher’s firstly they draw vendor trash which has a really nice cumulative value to it, they can also drop a variety of different high level herbs even dream foil and I’ve also heard rumors of Black Lotus having a chance of dropping off these as well confirmed yet. Now here’s another one that involves a very similar path in the same exact dungeon. Dire Maul East again involves dropping down into the courtyard down below on this farm, we are going to be ignoring all of the mobs on that floor level of the courtyard and rapping alongside the walls until we reach the tunnel leading to the mid portion of the dungeon, this is called Jump Runs.


Jump Runs

They are generally not done as a solo farm but rather something that you do in a two to three man group ideally, so you can split the profits a little bit, better this run is more similar to merit on solo farming where you are going to through the dungeon, all of specific bosses for vendor blues and pre-raid items if you need them, so you will jump down there and work your way around the walls, make it into Hydra spawns room where you can quickly finish him off although beware of the knock back, not a grow extra mobs, then you work your way to the cedar boss and it’s really important to have an interrupt here, so make sure one of the two people can interrupt the ability unless you are over and you can survive through the sacrifice ability. You go back to the courtyard and talk to this mega tree dude and he will open the door to the last boss’s room, you then jump onto this pillar and then execute the final boss of the dungeon.

Now if you want to make this farm way better, it’s really useful to have mining or herbalism near max for this specific farm since there is ghosts mushrooms all over the place on your way which sell for a really nice amount of gold and the final boss in his room you’ve got a carved out tunnel which leads outside of the dungeon.

There is a chance for 2-3 thorium nodes that can spawn alongside the tunnel walls thorium. Of course being the most lucrative, most sought-after or in the entire game right now.


Hound Runs

Hound Runs is something that isn’t really viable for most classes, but it is a really nice farm for those who can execute on it that being mages Warlocks Priests, so for this run, we are headed to Dire Maul north where again we’ve got a courtyard except this time is littered with massive ogre packs and roaming Hound packs to. Maybe hyenas they look the same as the highness from tenaris, so for this one, it’s a little bit more interesting than just pulling groups of Lashes and killing them. 

You actually need to focus on your movement, so if you see here, we’ve got a little bit of a Ledge that lines the entirety of the wall and attached to the ledge. We have a ramp that heads up to the entrance at the top level. The idea is to pull a bunch of the roaming hound packs, get them up to the ledge, so the dogs will basically run all the way around get up the ledge and then start running the whole wall to make it towards you.

At this point, you can start spreading dots to all of them, hit them if you are a hunter, multi shot and cast serpents things, and mage AoE them and then they make their ways toward you. It’s time to jump down and then they are going to go all the way back, the same path that they came from except the opposite way which will stall for time. While this is happening, you can get back up on the ramp, jump back on the ledge and then they are going to turn around and start going back, the other way get up on the ledges start running towards you and you just rise and repeat, you have the dogs in a limbo, you can just keep doing this over and over again until all the dogs have been slain. This is a really nice farm specifically if you have skinning.



Dysphoria (original vanilla)

The founder of solo tribute runs 

The most well-known one is the DM North solo tribute run, which is killing the final boss in DM North by skipping or not killing all of the guard bosses within the dungeon. I know three classes that can solo, the hunter, the priest and the druid.

There are a couple of different strategies that you use, but the most common one used nowadays is basically just cutting him around with serpent sting and auto attacks.

He is got a circular platform that goes around it, and you can basically either run in circulus around or you can go up, and then he gets up and follows up you, just jump off the platform that he jumps down similar to how you were cutting the dogs, over and over again, keeping the boss and a limb boat state once you’ve finished him and completed a tribute run since you skipped all of the guards, you will be crowned the king of the ogres, so the entire instance will become friendly to you and you can claim the tribute bounty, so you get the loot off the final boss and the three blues that drop off the chest plus health pots, mana pots food water, so that’s really nice classic wow gold value to begin with if you get five of them is like 15 vanilla wow gold and it’s very common to get three to five mana potions in one chess.

More effectively Druids will do this same thing basically just by stealth ink through, and then cast moon fire insects swarm on the boss and just kind of came around and priests.

You can google DM north which should be run priest, then you will figure it out, this is widely known as the best gold making in the entire game. Right now this one is one of the most pleasant farms, it’s not necessarily the best and most consistent, it relies on R and G, and you can go with hours without getting anything, but it’s perfect for just mindlessly.


Stealth Book Farming

I’m pretty sure it was the jump run and I also alluded to dusty tomes, and the DM North tribute runs. All DM’s fun points where dusty tomes can appear. These are interactable objects that can be looted for a chance at any of the DM books, which give the LJ the last trinkets or for ARS compendium of dragon slaying. It is used to attain kill sir are the epic tanking sword, there is set spawn locations, so if you are a rogue or a druid, you can stealth up to the dusty tomes, loot it move on and just gives you a chance at a big boom and world of warcraft classic gold if you get the right book, it’s a bit of a gamble. 

There are quite rare but people love doing this, since you get a large sum of gold vanilla wow in one shot with very little effort, just investing the M instances. It means that you have the key to move through the tunnels or lock-picking, you can make your way through the tunnel system from DM west indian north and extend your book farm across multiple dungeons. 

Extra vanish or if you are a druid and you don’t have access to advantage, it will give you a one-hour cool down vanish just in case, so you get a good book pop it on the auction house and make much wow gold classic easily.

There is going to be a pretty decent way to make money with the right pattern, so check it out what’s selling, what’s compatible with professions that you have and you might be able to make a decent amount of gold wow classic with this.


For more vanilla wow guides, be sure to head over to our wow classic news page.

If you have no time to learn more guides, you can ask for wow classic power leveling service from a reliable site. Enjoy your game.





























































































































































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