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  • How to Farm Gold in Classic WoW

    By Shirley Huang2019-05-31

    Classic WoW release is just around the corner, and it's going to be the best MMORPG in 2019.

    "Money" makes the world go round. WoW Classic is no different. Players are always in need of classic wow gold on their challenging boosting ways, so who will help them farm enough wow classic gold to afford the expensive mounts? Do you know how to farm gold in classic wow? Check tips to make enough vanilla wow gold to purchase your mounts in Vanilla WoW.


    Loot Everything

    Throughout your journey, you’re going to kill a lot of monsters. Loot everything that drops. All gray items can be safely sold to a vendor. Any item with white or greater quality may be useful to players and possibly could be sold on the auction house.


    Invest in Bigger Bags

    You have to spend money to make money. The sooner you buy bigger bags, the more loot you will get, and the more items you can sell on the auction house. Unfortunately, bags can be pretty expensive on the Auction House, especially for a new player. Don’t worry, if you finish some quests, they will reward you with bags. Make sure you complete these as you level up.


    Making Gold through Professions

    This is the best way to make wow classic gold.

    Recommended Professions

    In order of classic wow gold making ability

    Enchanting is the most profitable profession you can take. Concentrate on the high end enchants, such as crusader enchant.

    You don’t even have to level enchanting to profit. With 1 point in Enchanting, you gain access to Disenchanting and disenchant anything. Even the raid boss drops.


    Alchemy is invaluable for a raiding guild in vanilla wow. It requires materials produced with another profession - usually Herbalism. If you combine and level up these two professions together, you can save a lot of gold because you can farm all the needed herbs. 


    Alchemists turn various reagents (mostly Herbs) into powerful consumables.

    Flasks are expensive, rare and hard to obtain. Flasks require access to an alchemy lab, and Alchemy requires different vial types. When you buy flasks, you can buy a few extra ones and put them on the Auction House. Here I recommend you to pick up the recipe for Frost Oil because it sells very well on the Auction House.



    If you’re a tailor, you’ll be able to make gold from crafting bags, quivers and ammo sacks for hunters, and soul shard bags for warlocks.

    You have to buy a few extra materials while you are leveling your Tailoring.

    Approximate Materials Required:

    115 x Linen Cloth

    95 x Wool Cloth

    85 x Silk Cloth

    70 x Mageweave Cloth

    50 x Runecloth Cloth


    Herbalism is the best gathering profession of wow classic gold farming due to the demand of the market. The herbs that you gather through Herbalism are used to create potions and flasks which are used at end game for raiding dungeons. The demand for herbs is constant and high, so you will always be able to sell herbs for a good price on the Auction House.


    Skinning is an easy way to make some extra gold.

    Leveling your Skinning is easy, but you have to run around and skin hundreds of mobs. Skinning is the best combined with Leatherworking, and they are incredibly easy to level up while you are leveling your character. The leather that you skin always sell on the Auction House. If you don’t want to sell the skins on the Auction House, you can simply sell to a vendor for a significant amount of extra gold.



    You can earn serious money at low levels through fishing, and most of the fishes can be sold for 1-3G. Fishing is a common method for level 19 and 29 twinks to earn money if they do not have the main character to farm with.


    Raiding Dungeons

    If you have enough time, you can raid dungeons, which is a great way. But there may be a risk that players cannot sell the items and they just sit around in bags. Dungeons are fairly easy to run and can be soloed up to MoP. Cata can raid most of the gold because it’s the nearest solo dungeon in World of Draenor. If players can run any raid from LK to MoP, they can get 500-2000g. Remember to equip with decent gear for better solo ability. Picking the right grinding spot is very important, as the gold differences between similar level spots can be huge.


    Play the Auction House

    The Auction House is a key to make wow classic gold in any expansion. Keep an eye on cheap materials you can buy and resell at a higher price, or turn them into crafted gear. This process is extremely rewarding, but if you do incorrect work, you will be punished. Take time to familiarize yourself with current trends and strategies which can bring you some huge profits.

    The best way to make money is to find a product on the AH that is in high demand and the demand is not being fulfilled. Elemental/Essence farming from Elementals is a great way to make money, and it also feeds into Alchemy because people need resistance pots and consumes in vanilla.


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