• WoW Classic Classes Picking Guide
    By Shirley Huang2019-08-08 00:00:00

    World of Warcraft Classic will be officially released on August 27, and players who have been begging for the Vanilla WoW experience are finally about to get their wish.

    In Vanilla WoW, class is definitely important, so how to choose the right class in vanilla wow? MmoGah’s guide is primarily concerned with class performance in dungeons, raids and leveling. PvP focused players should take different factors into consideration.


    This is a real player Power Hour’s video. It is a general brief overview of each class, and you can know each class’ advantages and abilities. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

    You will have to decide which class you most enjoy playing. This may include or exclude factors, such as race appearance tier sets PvP and PvE competence lore gold farming ability.



    If you are looking for one of these god mode classes, the warrior is definitely among them, and it is viable. It is considered to be one of the best bets for tanking the vanilla wow. It is DPS, especially at endgame is off the charts, and it is just a blast to play in general that many people consider it is to be one of the lowest levels.

    When you go into dungeons, you can actually pretty easily create your own groups, so you can exclude certain classes that may be able to wear the same kind of pieces for a certain dungeon. If you are looking for the right kind of piece to increase your chances, you can just reserve a piece prior in the dungeon, just let people know ahead of time that you are doing that. If you roll fury dual wielding as you go through and your level rolling through mobs, it is actually pretty easy and quite fun well. Some people may see this as a contract warrior. I actually find that it’s an awesome factor that when you have pocket heals alongside you.




    It is considered to be one of the most efficient healers, especially at endgame going properly into the holy tree. If you get that full five illuminations, you can get a 100% man a refund for getting a crit on a heal.

    When you get the right pieces at level 60, it really becomes a significant part of the healing role for paladin’s, and you can see many well-geared paladins’s out healing at endgame, many of the other classes.

    Some people go for protecting at level 40 or start doing some AOE polls, but anyway until then you might want to roll ret to concern with paladins. I’ve actually seen some pretty good paladin tanks, it can be amazing five-man tanks just because of the ability that they have to do some nice AOE polls. Of course, many paladins’s actually end up just rolling with professions. It’s just pretty cool to me, they have a lot of abilities to help you get out of certain situations.




    The Rogue is one of the most played classes in vanilla wow. It is not only one of the best rates in dungeon DPS, but also amazing at PvP. Having a Rogue can really create a unique experience for you and you will be able to do things, follow your way into a major city and roll into an inn taking out people left and right, especially with that burst damage situational skills and cooldowns, and it can do some serious damage during the wow classic boost period.

    It can be pretty fun to play if you want to be a ranking god in vanilla wow. This is your first stop, some of the downfalls of playing a Rogue is the fact that you will need certain reagents, such as vanishing powders blinding powders need poisons, it can also be kind of difficult to compete with other players. Because you are going to playing against many other rogues in your team, so I have no reason not to play rogue as far as the big picture. With some of the tactics, you can pull in battlegrounds world pvp raiding rolling dungeons. During the leveling experience, you can learn your class well while having the ability to farm wow classic gold pretty easily. I’ve heard from many rogues that they would go into BRD at level 60 and pickpocket their ways through making actually a decent amount of vanilla wow gold per hour helping them get that epic mounts.




    It is considered to be the best overall healer and the simplest class in vanilla wow, because of its overall healing ability situational adaptation and high skill ceiling, so it is a very interesting class to play in PVP. If you roll a Shadow Priest, you can do some absolute serious damages, especially on a 1v1 basis.


    Rolling a priest has a great upside is that you can able to pretty easily get into dungeons, such as paladin’s Shamans and Druids, because they have the healing abilities, especially the priests seems that overall people come to them, so you can expect random whispers from different types of players as you level up to go into dungeons, which you can not only gain a little bit of extra experience, but also save up some classic wow gold for your mounted level 40 and further on for professions. Shadow Priests are concerned when they come to PvP, you can crush some phases finding the right gear for you. Shadow Priests can be difficult to get the raid spots, especially with the limited debuff slots raid groups, you will have the awesome benediction, a quest line and unique PvP abilities.




    It not only has high utility for convenience sake, but also has much best ranged DPS in the game. With a very high skill cap, you can really do some awesome things. An OE leveling is a breeze, you can farm world of warcraft classic gold unbelievably easy before level 40 to get that mount, and level 60’s farming ability is even more obvious, you will have a lot of liabilities. As for the specs, you can choose arcane frost and fire.

    Mage is viable, and it is one of the most sought-after DPS classes. When it comes to 5 mins, because of your awesome CC abilities and pure damage outputs, you don’t take as much threat for doing a crazy amount of damages. There aren’t many downsides with mages other than the fact that you might be limited in the specs, you will be able to choose some certain raids. Of course you will have to farm some consumables. I think Mage is one of the best farming classes in vanilla wow, so many people choose to level a mage first as kind of an alt or second.




    Warlock is probably one of the most interesting classes in the game, simply because of the variety and utility that it is able to summon players to create things. You can get a very unique mount and you have to roll through a quest line, it’s not free, but it will be well worth to get one. It is actually really good at grinding mobs throwing dots left-right with the right spell power man, you can just tear through it. It is absolutely essential for raiding great in defending itself and even going offensively. Of course in battlegrounds and in world PvP, it doesn’t really have to worry about running out of mana.




    Druid and warlock are not played that much, they are absolute beasts in this game, such as the warlock is really fast levelers, especially with travel from you got that high mobility. They are really strong in PvP, especially in world PvP. I find them probably to be the best healers in world PvP. When you get the high durability with bear from the high quantity of heal overtime abilities and one of the most powerful single-target heal ladies in the game, you really can’t go wrong with these guys, they also add to raid utility with their innervate and battle abilities, which can ultimately save the raids from wiping at certain encounters. When it comes to battlegrounds if you are talking about Warsong Gulch, they can be really good flag carriers, you can also become a pretty decent tank in vanilla, so the Druid is well worth playing if you are ready for the challenges.




    Whether you want to level up your way to 60 or take your time, you will have no trouble, since it is considered to be the most efficient class in the game, you have the really unique ability of being able to tame all kinds of different beasts throughout Azeroth, and of course in dire situations, you will be able to feign death allowing you to get out of certain crap situations. Maybe it is one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, if you master the hunter, you can really do some awesome things.




    It brings to the table especially with the wind fury totem, you are just automatically an awesome support class that said with enhancement shamans. It is considered to be a god and the fact that it is a kind of broken in PvP, you can do some crazy burst damages while shamans are able to wear mail. It doesn’t have to share the loot with other classes from the male spell damage drops, and it is a really good AOA healer with chain heal in PvP environment. If you are going for Keillor, especially with a warrior and PvP environment, you can really do some damages.


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