• 15 Things to Expect in WoW Classic: Part One
    By Shirley Huang2019-05-17 00:00:00

    World of Warcraft Classic, the best MMO of 2019 and the most expected game. The classic wow will be released on august 27. Vanilla is a rare and expensive jewel, its secrets have yet to be revealed.

    This is a real player Frostadamus’s video. Here are a couple of things to expect from wow classic. I believe this summer we will have the best iteration of vanilla wow we ever experienced. Today mmogah will share the first 8 things to expect in wow classic. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.


    A world is a live, one of the most important aspects in an MMO is have a world that is always active and thriving modern day. Game developers know about this and they field worlds with scripted NPC scenarios moving chariots and professions that can be done AFK all this, in order to make the world feel more alive in classic. However this is not something artificially inflated but a naturally occurring ecosystem. Every zone tends to be filled with players and even after the journey to level 60 is done by the majority of the server. New players keep popping in and old players will level out keeping the world busy for the majority of the timeline major cities, such as all Ramar or Ironforge are filled with players wishing to display that gear trying to make an extra buck with professions training weapons skills and spells.


    Gold Begging

    Begging for gold happens more compared to other games, maybe because the world is more dangerous and instead of getting ganged in stranglethorn or doing the corpse run marathon people prefer to be lazy, and just ask random strangers for wow classic gold hanging around in a major city, it is common to get three to four whispers sweet: “can I have gold please”? Some people choose to ignore them, and some choose to pay. Remember the begging hand that does not tell a story receives no charity.


    Improvise, adapt and overcome

    Every class will be provided with a set of tools to explore and engage this vast world. Some classes have more tools than others, but that’s just the way that it is common for players to use spells.

    Their original use or the tooltip says, mages might use counter spell to prevent a warrior from getting out combat, and charge them. They might also use it to pull a mob. Due to the low cast time just for applying the slow debuff for healers, managing mana is a really important skill with using lower rank spells for heals is necessary. In order to prevent going out of mana and keeping the group alive for rogue that can get you out of combat and straight into stealth, but it also can be used to dodge a death coil or a nasty pyroblast when fighting a major hunter in the world pulling an extra mob on you might prevent you from being sheep or ice trap the list could go on, but I think we can get the big picture.


    Expensive and Rare Items

    There are many rare gems that have high value, the single wow classic items could have the value of the epic mounts, thus setting you ahead with gold equivalent to weeks of grinding. Some of this might seem not important for a neo returning player, but they can be anything from Twink items.

    Check my rare and expensive series often enough easy profit enthusiasts will try to take advantage of the new players by purchasing these expensive items for a fraction of the price, and to be honest, we cannot judge them if an item seems different to you.

    If it has any value reserving items in dungeons wanted to keep this point for the end. I have a feeling that classic will have the general chat filled with looking for member you BRS through strike shoulders reserved.


    The Dangers of a real MMORPG

    The MMORPG general is built on the foundation of creating an immersive world. People can be part of and lose themselves in vanilla was built on this premise, which was advertised as a large dangerous world with no instance zones. Why am I bringing this point up? I really played vanilla a year ago,

    I was leveling a warrior through wetlands and I got so immersed into the game. Several hours passed and I didn’t even notice, this can be a big deal especially for people that have responsibilities. Most of the things you do in classic would take time: a dungeon run can take one to four hours; a tournament quest can take half day or even a full day and don’t get me started on progression raids. The points is remember to take all things into moderation including classic.  


    Quest Chains

    Questions usually reward you with cool useful and powerful items, and if not at least you get an item with high value at the vendor. One of the reasons players don’t get enough gold to purchase mount at level 40 is because they skip questions, especially the ones between level 30 and 42 normally at the end of the chain.

    There is a weapon or a piece of armor that can sell for one or two gold. Skip this quest and your goal, you will be lower and cool. Although in order to keep this item you must avoid completing the last part of the chain, which kind of goes against the whole point closer to level 60.

    Some of the chains will provide pre best in slot items for raid items. Such as Orgrimmar for drinks will mark for drink black hands breath and others, I think we got a good glimpse of the potential behind questions.


    Rare Mobs

    Rare mobs are one of the cool and expected pleasures in classic. It’s such a thrill to be questing or grinding along, you will see that silver dragon icon around the mobs unit frame, and it adds a lot of flavor to the leveling process while moving from zone to zone. They are not as strong as an elite. Maybe they hit quite high, but their HP slightly higher than a normal mob basically, anyone could kill them with a bit of patience. A fun fight with a unique mob that will automatically guarantee an uncommon item or in some cases rare and special items. Special items need to do more research on that I hope to find some of these rare mobs in my classic war adventures and I hope you can find them too.


    Professions are expensive

    Professions are expensive to level, but not all trade skills are expensive to level. Tailoring and Skinning might have an easier process, as the materials are at hand value level while humanoids will drop cloth and all the beasts will provide leather. But for skills alchemy or blacksmithing, you actually have to move out of your leveling pad to pick flowers and herbs. You might be able to pick them up from the auction house, but I doubt your funds will be sufficient. This is what the expensiveness comes in other skills, such as engineering and enchanting are pure money sink, as they require more complex and rare materials with enchanting having to upgrade rods in every important and chant your gain, some of these rods are not available, as not every blacksmith will have them and if they do they might charge you a lot for them plus the mats.


    Class Imbalance and Class Identity

    Not all classes have the same tool, such as self-heal or silenced classed are truly unique on what they can do. Some will be more overpowered, but that’s just the way that it is hopefully you’re good at rock-paper-scissors, because in a way or another, it can define the vanilla well classes, but don’t worry, there are many gadgets and trinkets that provide silence or stun effects of hands that will heal grenades from engineering consumable items.


    For other 7 things to expect in wow classic, we will share the part two next week.  Now wow gold, wow level boost services and wow items are hot sale at mmogah, so when you need any of them, don’t hesitate to contact us.