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Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Top 3 Easiest Raid-Ready Classes

What do you anticipate to be the most popular raiding classes in World of Warcraft: Legion? In the expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King, there are two types of classes: those that require complicated weak auras or a whole array of add-ons, buff tracking externals from other classes, and a wide variety of other intricacies to play, and those that provide equal performance or close to identical performance while being much simpler to use.


Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Top 3 Easiest Raid-Ready Classes


Both types of classes can be found in the same spec. Today's article will discuss the top three raid specs that are the least difficult to play in the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch. We are talking about the ease with which rotations may be performed and the failsafe nature of the class's overall mechanics.


Elemental Shaman

Ellie Sharman is one of the most accessible and relaxing classes to play in Wrath of the Lich King. It offers a simple rotation throughout most of the expansion, which consists of maintaining flame shock, keeping lava burst and chain lightning on cooldown, and filling with a lightning bolt. Elemental is one of those specs that seems like it could involve complicated totems and dot tracking procs. That is, in essence, the rotation of an elemental shaman. For an in-depth guide on Shaman build, check out our page.


Elemental Shaman


If you're having problems with your mana, you may need to use a thunderstorm sometimes; be sure to glyph it so you don't accidentally devour people off the map, and you could even need to use the rare mana pill. When it comes to aoe as an elemental shaman, all you need to do is use chain lightning, which has a significant ability to cleave enemies and then get your aoe from the burst of fire nova combined with magma totem. It's that easy. 


When on cooldown, the magma totem and fire nova will give continuous area-of-effect damage. The elemental Shaman follows a trajectory similar to what it did in TBC for the whole of the expansion. Despite the short rotation, they begin strong heading into knacks and are contenders for the number one DPS position. 


However, they lose ground as they go through the expansion, losing a significant amount of land and ending up in the center of the pack by the time you reach ICC. As the development progresses, there are very few adjustments to the rotation, and the tier often sets to improve the overall sensation the spells provide.


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Why, therefore, should one take the role of an elemental shaman? They are to feel comfortable positioning their cast as ABCs, which means always cast in will dramatically enhance your uptime and DPS. Having a comfortable feeling about positioning and your cast is essential. 


You have the extraordinary power to rewind a deadly error and return to life, bloodlust, or heroism, depending on whether or not your hoarding alliance is a mainstay in groups, and resistance and cleaning totems add enormous benefit to your raid. Reincarnation grants you this ability. Because of its visually appealing appearance, the Elementalist class, to which the Phil character belongs and who can attack enemies with fire and lightning, will attract new players.


Retribution Paladin

Ret or Retribution Paladin follows a priority system of abilities, and judgment of light is your highest priority skill; therefore, as soon as it comes off cooldown, using it should be your top priority. Ret has multiple levels of talent associated with it; however, at its most basic level, ret follows a priority system of abilities. Consecration is one of your lesser priority abilities; nevertheless, you still want to utilize it and still desire high uptime, but you don't want to do so if it jeopardizes your ability to make sound judgments. 


Retribution Paladin


For More on Paladins and their leveling guides, check out this article.


Even though it does not adhere to a traditional rotation, it does not in any way have a complex rotation; however, it does have the potential for some fanciness in terms of minimizing and optimizing damage. The correct seal choice for the fight can influence damage dealt quite heavily, and maintaining that seal of vengeance on multiple targets in a battle with two or three targets can be very rewarding. 


Things include placing yourself in such a way that you strike the most significant number of targets feasible with a divine storm. One should activate it just before a judgment to get the most out of one's use of a revenge raft. But these are all tiny things that will make a difference to the damage dealt. Still, the difference will not be so significant that you must be able to perform all of these things perfectly, or else you will be completely ineffective. 


Rets are not only one of the simplest specializations but also have the easiest melee, which means that superior placement may rapidly result in your damage being reduced. Because spells such as hammer of Wrath, judgment, and exorcism have a range greater than melee combat, keeping them active requires less effort. Lay on hands and bubbles enable Rhett to either completely disregard the game's mechanics or recover from a mistake that was very close to being deadly. 


Ret skill in raids is not often represented on a DPS meter, which is why they will seem relatively unimpressive until the toc or icc parts of the encounter. To put it another way, the level of difficulty that the paladin spec experiences is directly proportional to the amount of benefit that rats contribute to the raid and the efficiency with which they employ that utility.


There is a potential for difficulty associated with playing the role of a paladin who uses all his skills. However, in terms of just playing the fundamentals of the class to do damage while participating in a raid, they are one of the most straightforward DPS specs to play.


Assassination Rogue

The assassination rogue has an effortless rotation, which consists of maximizing the amount of time spent on buses to maintain poison, then maintaining two buffs in the form of hunger for blood and slice and dice. Both are quickly supported through spending combo points and finally maintaining his venom buff for the longest time possible. 


Assassination Rogue PVE DPS


A simple fan of blades spam to get poisons on everything provides extraordinary success when using the assassination rogue ability in aoe. This ability may be used on up to five targets. When dealing with a smaller number of marks, cycle between them and try to sustain poisons on as many as possible while keeping the single-target rotation. 


The complexity of the assassination road comes in two forms, utilizing the rogue's endless cooldown arsenal to maintain as close to 100% uptime on bosses as possible. Assassination rogues are a consistently high damage-dealing spec with top-of-the-chart peaks in damage-dealing, and they are particularly effective in tier 7.


Second, being familiar with and comprehending the idea of energy pulling. When doing this, you are letting your energy recover outside of venom to apply another buff application swiftly. This ensures you have enough power to perform several mutilates simultaneously. 


Additionally, it is of the utmost importance to have the invent and buff active at all times. When people ask me on stream which is the most straightforward class to play, I tell them that rotation-wise, all you have to do is hit two or three buttons and stare at an energy bar. The assassination rogue is a choice that I often make when responding to questions. 


The thing with the assassination rogue is that even if you're not playing it very well, your damage is still going to be extremely strong. Even a mediocre assassination rogue has the potential to out-damage the majority of other classes and specializations, provided they are being played well.

So why play an assassination rogue? Aside from the fact that it is easy to perform well, the rogue has the actual bag of tricks to deal with most situations. For example, if the boss moves quickly, you can sprint to the boss. If the boss casts a spell you need to avoid, you can use your cloaker shadows. 


If the group wipes out and you want to avoid the cost of repair, you can vanish. You get everything we've covered up to this point, in addition to the fact that you can maintain massive damage over a single target as a rogue, which is essentially the essence of flexibility. Your only potential disadvantage will be a reduced average group size.


These are, in order, the three raid specs that are the least difficult to play in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If you liked this article on the most accessible classes or specs, then check out this article on Top 3 Hardest Specs to Play.

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