WotLK Guide: Top 10 Gold Farms in 2023

By Shirley Huang2023-03-29

As we are moving through Ulduar, a lot of people know that Wrath Classic gold is important, and even doing daily activities, such as dungeons, raids, and even daily quests, will grant you a decent amount of gold. Sometimes you have to farm out a little bit extra to be able to buy those consumables for raiding and enchants for your new gear pieces.


Today I will go through the Top 10 gold farms for Wrath Classic in 2023, and hopefully, some of these farms will help you out in your gold farms adventures as well!


1. Vanilla Dungeons

Most notable Uldaman, Zul'Farrak & Scarlet Monastery. A lot of these Dungeons will give you a steady 200-300 gold per hour mixed between raw gold, professions & auctionable materials, as well as having the chance to drop items worth lots of gold. For example, Uldaman can drop very rare items worth up to 50,000 gold, which is quite insane by itself, and if you spend 50 hours to get 1 of those, that's 1000 gold per hour by itself.


On top of that, Uldaman has some Mithril Veins inside it, giving you some extra gold right there, and from all these dungeons, you also get a lot of Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth & Mageweave Cloth, which is currently selling for a reasonable price and helps bring in steady gold while hunting for rare items.


wlk gold farm-1


2. Golden Pearl Farming

Golden Pearls have been insanely valuable throughout all of Wrath Classic, as it's used in several enchants used by people leveling Alts, specifically Enchants usable for Heirlooms. Another reason why this has gone up in price is supply vs. demand, and the demand is quite constant.


wlk gold farm-2


That being said, this is farmed by vanilla mobs, and because we are level 80 now, that gives us some very steady & chill gold farming opportunities, but you also have to consider this farm is very RNG. You could make literally 10 gold per hour if you're very unlucky, but you could also get 2-3 Golden Pearls in one hour, giving you about 600 gold per hour. And if you want to go out and farm Golden Pearls. Here are a couple of my personal favorite locations.


wlk gold farm-3


3. Dire Maul Farming

The value of Librams has been skyrocketing, as they are used in "the Insane" title & enchants for Alts, and we're in a weird time in Wrath right now where people have finished their initial rush to finish raiding & gearing up, and people are resorting to alternative activities like alt-leveling and title hunting, which has caused massive price spikes for items like these Librams.


You can even incorporate this into Mining & Herbalism Farms inside Dire Maul to capitalize on 5 runs per hour cap. This is a farm where RNG starts playing a part because if you don't get any Librams, the gold per hour value might be somewhat depressing, but if you get lucky and get a Libram or two, that suddenly adds hundreds of gold to that specific run.


4. Mana Tombs & The Botanica Farming

Both of these dungeons are incredible for gold farming, as they give you a very healthy mix of raw gold & auctionable materials. In terms of raw gold, you're looking at 300 to 400 gold, as well as 300 to 200 gold in Auctionable materials, giving you 500 to 700 gold per hour, depending on your server, class & profession.


wlk gold farm-4


For Mana Tombs, it will get you roughly 100g extra per hour by mining the Veins inside the Dungeons as well as mining the second boss. For both dungeons, Enchanting will give you extra gold by disenchanting low-vendor-value green items and selling enchanting materials at the Auction House. Given that they are both inside dungeons, you also don't have to worry about competition like you would for open-world gold farms.


5. Herbalism & Mining in Outland

I put this above Farming in Northrend due to prices being higher on old content materials, which are simple supply and demand & popularity metrics. Old expansion materials are still in demand due to people leveling up professions, and the supply is way lower.


As a simple test, I tried Herbalism & Mining in Northrend compared to Herbalism & Mining in Shadowmoon Valley, which is a zone in Outland. Northrend gave me 400 gold per hour, while Shadowmoon Valley clocked in at around 600 gold per hour. That being said, old content materials will sell slower, so if you're looking for fast gold, you want to farm materials that sell quickly.


6. Herbalism & Mining in Northrend

This is a very easy & pretty consistent type of farm. You're farming materials in the new expansion that is constantly in demand to craft gear used in Wrath as well as consumables used within Wrath Raiding, so the demand is very high, but the reality is that the supply is also very high as this is a very popular way to farm gold, due to the availability & easiness of the farm.


If you're looking for a consistent & decent gold farm with high sell rates, ensuring fast gold, this one could definitely be helpful.


7. Maraudon Mithril Farming

This is a gold farm I used a lot on the Fresh Wrath Servers and with the prices of Mithril on regular Wrath Servers. This farm has been doing quite well for the entirety of the Wrath Expansion so far and will continue to do so.


The reason for this is simple, people are constantly leveling up Alts or leveling up new professions, and Mithril is used in a lot of professions. Even people leveling up Mining resort to buying Mithril Ores and smelting them into Bars for easy skills rather than farming it themselves, so the demand is massive.


wlk gold farm-5


8. Prospecting / Saronite Shuffling

This used to be a very good & effective way to make gold in Wrath Classic, and actually made you above 1K gold per hour for the majority of Wrath, until recently when Blizzard decided to make Blue Rarity Gems like Scarlet Rubies available for Emblems, massively slashing the price of gems and therefore diminishing the value of Prospecting & The Saronite Shuffle.


However, prices have started to move up again, and you can reasonably expect at least 500 gold per hour, simply standing in a city and mass prospecting, which is pretty decent.


You can get even higher gold per hour numbers, including other professions like Enchanting and flipping certain items into enchanting materials and/or even selling enchant scrolls.


9. Another Semi-Hyperspawn Is In the North-Western Island of Icecrown

This one is very well known and has a lot more mob density. It means that you can pull more mobs in one pull, but they also respawn slower, and you want to have the entire island to yourself to make this one really worth it for you.


This is the perfect farm for Warlocks, Paladins & Warriors, and even Death Knights. Basically, anyone with insane AoE Damaging Abilities as well as survival. Due to the mob density, you want to min-max the pulls as much as possible and do insane huge pulls for maximum efficiency.


In terms of expected farming value, you're looking at 250 to 300 gold per hour in raw gold. If you vendor everything and closer to 350 to 400 gold per hour, using the Auction House, basically the same as the previous farm.


10. Hyperspawn Humanoid Farm is Icecrown

It's a Hyperspawn Humanoid farm located in the Icecrown zone, in the North-Middle part of the zone, and these mobs respawn super quickly. Being a force-spawn & a Hyperspawn farm, you can farm here by yourself and never run out of mobs. You can also be 2-3 people farming together separately and still never run out of mobs, thanks to the Hyperspawn mechanic.


The mobs are pretty spread out, though, making this the perfect farm for anyone with AoE & Distance Pulling abilities. For example, Boomkins, Warlocks, Shadow Priests & Hunters, and even Mages. My absolute favorite class for this farm is Warlock, as there is actually no downtime involved. In terms of expected farming value, you're looking at 250 gold per hour in raw gold if you vendor everything you get and closer to 350 gold per hour if you use the Auction House instead.


For more details, you can click Solheim Gaming's video.




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