Warmane: A Quick Guide to Helping You Pick Outland or Medivh

By Cathy Deng
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Outland vs Medivh, many Warmane players seem to be biased about this. Here MmoGah will share a non-biased answer with warmane fans!



  • Cheaper training etc. (70% cheaper).
  • 5x exp, meaning getting to end content fast.
  • In game item shop for real money.
  • High in population (15k, though que sometimes nearly 3 or 4 hours).


In summary, it has a more private (custom) server feeling. A very fun and easy server.



  • 1x everything, meaning slow, but true leveling experience. Leveling in WoW used to be rewarding, I think. (Some people already 70 though, despite the recent release).
  • Blizzlike server
  • 5k players, but rising daily. No que time.


In summary, a more authentic TBC experience with a nostalgic feeling to it. You forget it’s not retail tbc. That said, way more time consuming.


On the whole, if you came to warmane to have fun, see what it's like, and mess around at 70, go Outland! But if you are here to play The Burning Crusade, choose Medivh!


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Events August 21st - August 27th

Here's the event schedule for this week. 



Brief description of events

40v40 BGs

Fight your enemy faction and see who triumphs! Warsong Gulch 40v40s!


Race event

Be the first to reach the thrones and pass all the obstacles.


1v1 Tournament

You know your class? Prove it and win the 1v1 Tournament. Streamed on official channel.


Hide and Seek

Find the hiding place, go through mountains, rivers and get a prize for it!


Bounty Hunt

Hunt the players with a price on their head or be the one that's being hunted. Your choice.


Most of the events will be described in announcements prior to the event starting! As always, all times are GMT/UTC.


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