• Warmane Latest Update: Christmas and New Year 2018 Celebrations
    By Shirley Huang2017-12-20 00:00:00

    Many players joined Warmane game since Blizzard plans to bring back Vanilla World of Warcraft servers. At the same time, the orders of warmane outland gold at MmoGah are more and more.

    As you know, Christmas and New Year 2018 are coming. In order to celebrate these traditional festivals, Warmane official team released special prepared events, rewards and family entertainment. This year everything is brand new. Cast away the favorites of past and forge new adventures in events. Here MmoGah as a professional warmane gold store would like to share the event with you.

    Festivities' schedule as below.

    December 19 - January 1: all events with special rewards playable.

    December 19 - January 2: all staff hosted events playable.

    December 31: gifts from Warmane are available for collection.

    December 19 - January 2: winter donation bonuses up to 40% are active.


    Event information 

    The rewards are specially designed and some items are unavailable.

    There is a great story behind every great villain. Through our custom-made quest line, you will embark on a mission through whole Outland, gathering information and slaying everyone who steps in your way. But be careful, you should bring a friend to help you in this adventure or mystery.

    2017's Winter Veil Forum Event: Legendary Weaponsmith
    Event Rules:

    1. The artwork must be original. To be fair with people who aren't artists, they may use art from other games, but that isn't as much valuable as original art.

    2. Weapon name must be World of Warcraft-like, meaning that Doom's Doomray of Doom isn't a fitting name for this event.

    3. Create a story for the weapon. No Artifact Weapon is Legendary without a good story behind it.

    4. Special Powers. Pick a theme fitting the class and specialization the weapon would be for. You can explain some divergences with the story.

    Event Rewards:

    The best designs, elected by the Staff will win the following rewards:

    In-game Reward: one specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries).

    His lieutenants and minions have invaded every possible zone in Azeroth. Group up with your friends & allies and hunt them all down before facing Grinch himself. It will be a long journey, but it will pay off in the end.

    You are finally facing your biggest enemy at the end of this year. A ruthless and sadistic criminal whose crime syndicate spreads fear through Azeroth. Winter Veil is coming, you and your friends must unite to defeat this monster and put an end for this monster that infected the whole world in this final battle.

    Warmane team will also be hosting more daily events than usual, including new and exclusive events. (such as reverse stairs and DPS/HPS race), so make sure you follow the schedule to participate in this event and win cool & new prizes.


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