• RuneScape Guide: Brimhaven Dungeon Guide
    By Nancy G2018-06-06 00:00:00

    As a Professional Gaming Store, MmoGah not only sells gaming goods but also provides Gaming News freely. Today I will show you RuneScape Guide-Brimhaven Dungeon Guide. Brimhaven Dungeon is a large cavern located below the tropical city of Brimhaven, which can be found on Karamja Island. There are a number of strong monsters inside, so it is highly advised that you bring armor and food with you when playing.




    Required Equipment

    - Food: Lobsters or Sharks

    - Armor: High defense armor such as Barrows Weapon

    - Teleportation Method: Runes, Glory Amulet, Teleport Tablet, Ectophial, Prayer Potions etc.

    - 905gp: 875gp to enter the dungeon and 30gp for the boat ride. You may need more if you want to take a Charter Ship. 


    Recommended Skills

    You should have the following levels if you want to be effectively fighting the dragons:

    - Baby Red Dragons: 80+ Combat 

    - Bronze Dragons: 110+ Combat 

    - Red Dragons: 120+ Combat 

    - Iron Dragons: 130 + Combat 

    - Steel Dragons: 140+ Combat


    Helpful Stats

    - A high woodcutting level

    - A high combat level

    - 12+ Agility will get you across the stepping stones

    - 22+ Agility gets you over the log balance

    - 34+ Agility will get you through all the agility obstacles

    - 43+ Prayer


    Getting There

    The colors indicate what routes there are to Brimhaven Dungeon.

    - Red Line: from Ardougne or Charter

    - Blue Line: from Port Sarim

    - Pink Line: from Tai Bwo Wannai or Shilo Village



    Ship Prices

    - Port Sarim: 30gp

    - East Ardougne: 30gp

    - Charter: 400gp~3660gp


    Entering the Dungeon


    This is the entrance to the dungeon, and you can see some gold rocks there. You should pay some money to Saniboch before you go in. So select the pay option and click “continue” to pay him 875gp. Now you can walk into the dungeon as you have paid him the entrance fee.


    Map of the Dungeon



    There are a variety of rare monsters to train on, such as Fire Giants and Metal Dragons, and you will find some vines that will block your pathway occasionally. Luckily, the vines will take no more than three seconds to cut if you use a good woodcutting axe. You already have a hatchet in your tool belt, but if you'd like to bring a better one, make sure you can taking up an inventory space.



    Most people who come to Brimhaven Dungeon come for the 3 prestigious creatures: the Metal Dragons. Mage is recommended for killing these dragons, and melee works also fine, however range is not recommended strongly. If you're low on Prayer Potions and are out of or low on food, run or teleport immediately.





    You should pay him to enter the dungeon.



    Moss Giant

    Level: 40
    Life Points: 1000


    Wild Dog

    Level: 50
    Life Points: 1250


    Baby Red Dragon

    Level: 68
    Life Points: 1700


    Greater Demon

    Level: 118
    Life Points: 6,000


    Red Dragon

    Level: 120
    Life Points: 9,000


    Bronze Dragon

    Level: 124
    Life Points: 9,300


    Black Demon

    Level: 140
    Life Points: 3,500


    Iron Dragon

    Level: 148
    Life Points: 11,100


    Steel Dragon

    Level: 154
    Life Points: 15,000


    Fire Giant

    Level: 174
    Life Points: 3,350


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