• Important Tips for Beginners in Runescape
    By Shirley Huang2017-05-31 00:00:00

    RuneScape is a dark horse. Until now, over 200 million players have taken part in this game: Runescape 3 version and Old School Runescape version. The events are coming: The Gates of Menaphos will open on June 5th and RuneFest 2017 will be held on September 23rd. Many players can’t wait to play the game. If you're new to RuneScape, you'll probably want to know how to start with, what skills you should master or which quests you should work on first. This guide shared by will help you to solve these questions.



    At first, you should know how to unlock adventure.

    The Mini-map is the best friend of adventure, as well as showing the surrounding area, it has two essential functions:

    Home Teleport: This returns you to any loadstone that you've visited and activated. Note that this can't be done during combat.

    World Map: The best way to find your next adventure. Click the “World Map” button, then use the filtering options on the left of the World Map interface to find the type of content you're most interested in.


    Create your character

    There are no classes or specs in Runescape. Every character has the ability to access all of the different combat skills and styles, resulting in hundreds of different possible skill combinations.

    RuneScape has a classless progression system and a vast open world. It can be hard to decide what to do first.

    Different Play styles

    General - This is the most common type of character. A player's first character usually is his main character. This type of character focuses on everything in the game, training all skills, finishing all possible quests and completing as much game content as possible.

    Skillers – These characters usually have very low combat levels and exceedingly high skill levels. In some cases, skillers are something like level 20, 40, or 60 combat, but usually they are level 3's.

    Pures - These characters focus on PvP more than anything. The main types of PvP in RuneScape include the Wilderness and the Dueling Arena. A pure will strategically level his or her character's combat skills in a combination that he or she believes will fare the best for them while fighting other players. There are many different types of pures. Pures are almost always backed by a main account, which provides them with weapons, armors, potions and the best food for maximum PvP potential.

    Important Note: As a low level player, you should bury every bone your find. You may not even use prayer until you reach higher level, and you can use all the bones you have buried before. Those prayer points add up and can literally save your life.


    Training Skills - The Basics

    Good skill-building is the key to making money and doing well in Runescape. There are many skills that can make a decent money in Runescape. This guide is intended to teach you a bit more about different ways to build skills, and we will start first with quests.



    There are quite a few quests in RuneScape, but there are some quests that you should work on when you first start out in RuneScape, as they give some decent rewards, such as cash and experience, which are essential for a beginner.

    General Quests: Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Fishing and Woodcutting, the details of these primary quests you can click Money making guide. Of course, if you are no time to complete many quests, you can buy rs gold instead.


    Objective System

    The Objective System was introduced in order to help training your skills and completing quests more organized. It works as kind of a skill focus, allowing you to see exactly how far to your goal. This feature was made mostly for newcomers who are a bit fascinated by the amount of things that you can do in-game, and offers them a more organized way to train their skills.


    Combat skills

    Of course, combat skills are important. As you get to be a higher level player, you will be able to obtain rare items only from certain monsters. This is why it's important to build your Slayer skill. Some items only come from higher level Slayer monsters, and without the appropriate Slayer level. If you are unable to kill these monsters, they may kill you very quickly instead.

    You can do the combat training next to Lumbridge and receive up to 24 XP lamps for learning the mechanics of the game. This is an easy way to quickly raise your combat level.


    Those tips are important for new players. More tips/skills you can click runescape news. Now more and more players would like to buy cheap osrs gold or runescape 3 gold to strengthen their armors and weapons.