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Lost Ark Silver Farm Guide

Jessie March 04th, 2022 Lost Ark    Lost Ark Gold    Lost Ark Gold Help   

Since Lost Ark launched in the western country, it has attracted a huge number of players. Like other MMO games, Lost Ark also has many types of currency, including Lost Ark silver, which is very vital. You need to use them often in the game. Here, MmoGah sorted out several good ways to farm Silver.


What is Silver Used For


As with Lost Ark gold, Silver is also a main trading currency in the game. You will need a lot of sliver to buy items from merchants or upgrade gear. But Silver can't be traded between players, which means you have to farm it by yourself. You can gain Silver in the following ways.


Lost Ark Silver                                                                                                                                                    

How to Farm Silver in Lost Ark



You can obtain many rewards for building Rapport with NPCs, including silver. Each level of Rapport will give you some sliver. So don't ignore this part.


Main Quests

Complete all quests that you can find because they will give you a lot of Silver.


Una's Tasks Dailies

You can get a lot of Silver by completing Una's dailies. Three dailies are worth completing: Special Delivery: Shushire, Special Delivery: Arthetine, and Special Delivery: Vern.


Cube Dungeons

Your character has to reach level 50 and get a Cube Entrance Ticket to access it. The Cube has 19 stages, and each stage is a challenge. You have to complete one challenge to move on to the next. The further you go, the bigger the reward. Here's the reward list:


▷ Stage 0-3: No rewards

▷ Stage 4-7: Bronze Cube Chest

▷ Stage 8-10: Silver Cube Chest

▷ Stage 11-12: Gold Cube Chest

▷ Stage 13-15: Platinum Cube Chest

▷ Stage 16-19: Diamond Cube Chest

You can obtain a lot of Silver as reward through these chests. So you should try to reach Stage 19.


Chao Dungeons

After your character's level reaches 50, you can unlock Chao Dungeons. You can obtain Silver by killing the second boss in Chaos Dungeons, and you can enter twice daily. Your item level and the dungeon's difficulty will affect the amount of Silver you obtain.


Exchange Guild Crystals for Silver

Guild Crystals are also called Silmael Bloodstones. First, you need to join a Guild, and then you can exchange Silmael Bloodstones with the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange NPC for Silver. The exchange rate depends on the level of the Guild shop.


♢ Lvl 1: 60 bloodstones for 2,500 silver

♢ Lvl 2: 100 bloodstones for 2,500 silver

♢ Lvl 3: 140 Bloodstones for 2,500 silver

♢ Lvl 4: 180 bloodstones for 4,500 silver

♢ Lvl 5: 250 bloodstones for 10,000 silver


Exchange Gold for Silver

This is the easiest way to get Silver, but it's not recommended. Because it's harder to farm Lost Ark gold than Silver. But if you don't want to waste plenty of time farming silver, then this way is suitable for you. You can trade with the Gold to Silver conversion NPC in any big city, and the exchange rate is 100g for 10,000 silver.


All in all, farming silver is not difficult, but you might spend plenty of time on it. Hope this guide can help you do that easily. And beyond that, you can bookmark our Lost Ark news page, and we will keep sharing more useful guides and news.



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