• Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Guide: What Is It and How To Use It
    By Jessie2022-05-09 00:00:00

    Alts are super important for players in Lost Ark, which can complete extra runs of Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and more each day to obtain more rewards. You can then funnel those rewards into your main character to help improve the item level progress grind. Lost Ark provides many ways to help you quickly level up your alternate character. Knowledge transfer is one of them. In this guide, MmoGah will introduce what Knowledge transfer is and how to use it.


    What is Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer

    Knowledge Transfer is an important mechanic in Lost Ark, which can quickly bring your alternate characters to the same level as your main character. You only need to spend some Lost Ark gold on it. The process is quite simple and highly efficient.


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    How to Unlock Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer 

    When your main character reaches level 50 and completes all the main quests, you can start using knowledge Transfer. There are some requirements for unlocking it.

    1. You need a level 5 Stronghold and complete the tutorial quests on the island.

    2. Complete the north Vern main quests.

    3. Return to your Stronghold and talk to Adeline to receive the Nothing Is Impossible For Cykins quest.

    4. Then, you will be led to a robot just beneath the lab. (It will walk you through what knowledge transfer is and how to use it)


    How to Use Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer 

    To boost your Alt to level 50 by using knowledge Transfer, you need to boost it to level 10 at first. Then you need to take it to your Stronghold, and unlock the sheet music to the song of hearth and home from Siera in Prideholme. After playing the song, you can use the new character to interact with the Knowledge Transfer Machine. The process will take eight hours and cost you 600 gold Lost Ark (if you've completed Punika, it will cost you 2400 gold). The process will run in the background while you are playing your game, or after you logged out.


    Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer 


    At the end of the Eight hours, the knowledge transfer is completed. You can log back into your character and open the Knowledge Transfer screen. You'll see it is at the same level as your main character: level 50. All main story quests for Vern and Shushire will be automatically completed, and your item level is also bumped to north Vern standards. If you still want to obtain more Engraving and other rewards, you can complete those single side quests.


    Note: Knowledge Transfer can only be used nine times in total. And it is only available per class leveled to 50. It's worth noting that using the Knowledge Transfer to skip content through Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton will cost you more Lost Ark gold and does not automatically bring your item level up. The following is the cost list.


    Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Cost


    Hopefully, this can help you to understand the knowledge transfer fully. If you need more guides about Lost Ark, you can visit our Lost Ark news page.