Lords of The Fallen: The Location and Method of Getting the Royal Key

By Jessie2024-01-18

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that follows the soulslike formula, which means there are areas interconnected to each other, and more of these are locked behind closed doors. While some doors may lead you to hidden treasures, most of these are progression blockers, and obtaining keys is the only way to access these doors. One of the important keys you need to collect is the Royal Key, which is located at the far end of Bramis Castle. This key will allow you to open the doors that lead to the final boss of the game. However, getting this key is not easy, as it requires strategy, killing some powerful enemies, and operating a lever that controls the spiral staircase. In this article, we will guide you on how to get the Royal Key in Lords of the Fallen.

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Step 1: Reach The Bramis Castle

The first step to get the Royal Key is to reach the Bramis Castle, which is one of the late-game areas in Lords of the Fallen. You can access this area after defeating the Beast boss in the Catacombs. After the boss fight, you will find a portal that will take you to the Bramis Castle. Alternatively, you can also use the fast travel system to go to the Bramis Castle checkpoint, which is near the portal.

Step 2: Find The Metal Gate

The second step to get the Royal Key is to find the metal gate that blocks your way to the key location. From the Bramis Castle checkpoint, go straight ahead and you will see a large metal gate that is closed. This gate will open later when you pull the lever that controls the spiral staircase. For now, you need to take a left and go around the gate.

Step 3: Ascend The Stairs And Enter The Room

The third step to get the Royal Key is to ascend the stairs and enter the room on your left. As you go around the metal gate, you will encounter some enemies behind the lava and steam. There are also some LotF items that you can collect here, such as potions and runes. After dealing with the enemies and looting the items, continue to go up the stairs and you will see a marksman enemy shooting at you from above. Run past this enemy and enter the room on your left. This room has a vestige seed that you can plant. If you have not unlocked the ladder yet, you will have to jump ahead and take the stairs leading to an entrance blocked by fragile wooden blocks.

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Step 4: Break The Wooden Blocks And Avoid The Ruiner

The fourth step to get the Royal Key is to break the wooden blocks and avoid the Ruiner enemy that will attack you. Roll into the wooden blocks and break them to enter the next area. As soon as you enter, do a couple more dodge-rolls to avoid the Ruiner enemy that will charge at you. This enemy is very fast and powerful, so be careful not to get hit by its attacks. You can either fight this enemy or run past it, depending on your preference and skill level.

Step 5: Find The Lever And Pull It

The fifth and final step to get the Royal Key is to find the lever and pull it. The lever is located at the opposite end of the area from where you entered and where the Ruiner enemy attacked you. To get there, take a left and keep running straight. You will encounter another Ruiner enemy patrolling this hallway. You can either kill this enemy or run past it, as well. At the end of the hallway, take a right and you will see a mage enemy surrounded by red crystals. This mage enemy is very dangerous, as it can cast powerful spells that can damage you and slow you down. You need to kill this mage enemy, as it will destroy all of the red crystals in the area, revealing the lever that you need to pull.

However, before you engage the mage enemy, you should clear out all of the other enemies in the area, as they can ambush you and make the fight harder. Once you have killed the mage enemy and destroyed the crystals, you can pull the lever and it will rotate the spiral staircase in the center of the area.

Step 6: Go Back To The Spiral Staircase And Climb Up

After pulling the lever, you need to go back to the spiral staircase and climb up to get the Royal Key. The spiral staircase is now aligned with the upper floor, where the Royal Key is located. You can either go back the way you came or use the shortcut that you unlocked earlier. If you planted the vestige seed in the room near the marksman enemy, you can use the ladder that leads to the upper floor. If not, you will have to go back through the wooden blocks and the Ruiner enemies. Either way, once you reach the spiral staircase, climb up and you will see the Royal Key on a pedestal. Grab the key and you will be able to open the doors that lead to the final boss of the game.

We hope this article was helpful and informative. For more guides and tips on Lords Of The Fallen, you can check out Lords of the Fallen News Page.

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