Lords of the Fallen Guide: How to Complete the Tortured Prisoner Quest

By Jessie2024-02-23

Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing game that was released in 2023. Sophesia is a character that you can encounter in the game, who is also known as the Tortured Prisoner. She has a side quest that involves finding and returning her items to her. To finish the quest, you might use up a lot of LotF Vigor, so you can read this article on how to farm it in LotF. Here is a detailed guide on how to complete Sophesia quest:

How to Free Sophesia

•  To free Sophesia from her cell in Skyrest Bridge, you need to find the Searing Accusation near her and give it to her. The Searing Accusation is a scroll that is located on a table in the same room as her cell. You can access this room by using the Skyrest Bridge Key, which you can get from a chest in the Seeker area, near the entrance to the Skyrest Bridge.

•  After freeing her, she will move to the entrance of the arena where you fought Pieta, the first boss of the game. Talk to her and she will sell you some Inferno spells, which are useful for dealing fire damage to enemies.

How to Get the Giant Eyeball

LotF Giant Eyeball

•  To progress her quest, you need to give her the Giant Eyeball that you get from defeating the Spurned Progeny boss in Lower Calrath. The Spurned Progeny is a giant creature that resembles a spider with an eye on its back. You can find it in the lower part of the city, near the Vestige checkpoint.

•  After giving her the Giant Eyeball, she will move to the middle of the arena where you fought the Spurned Progeny. Talk to her again and she will ask you to find the Noblewoman Set for her.

How to Get the Noblewoman Set

•  The Noblewoman Set is a set of armor that consists of four pieces: the Noblewoman's Dress, the Noblewoman's Gloves, the Noblewoman's Shoes, and the Noblewoman's Veil. You can find the whole set in Upper Calrath, in the marketplace area.

•  To get to the marketplace, you need to use your Umbral Lamp to open a gate that is located near the entrance to the Skyrest Bridge. The Umbral Lamp is a device that can reveal hidden paths and secrets. You can get it from the Seer, an NPC that you can find in the Seeker area, after defeating Pieta.

•  After opening the gate, follow the path until you reach a building with a door that leads to the Noblewoman Set. The door is locked, but you can open it with the Marketplace Key, which you can get from a chest in the same area, near a statue of a woman holding a sword.

•  Equip the full set and return to Sophesia. She will thank you and give you the Charred Letter and the Swaddling Cloth items. These items are related to her past, which you can learn more about by reading the letter.

How to Complete the Tortured Prisoner Quest

•  To complete the quest, you need to give Sophesia two more items: The Elegant Perfume and the Queen's Ring. These items are optional, but they will give you more rewards and unlock the A Queen's Rest achievement.

•  The Elegant Perfume is an item that you can buy from Sophesia herself, after giving her the Noblewoman Set. It costs a lot, but it will make her happy and increase her trust in you.

•  The Queen's Ring is an item that you can get from the Sundered Monarch, the final boss of the game. The Sundered Monarch is a powerful enemy that you can find in the Throne Room, at the end of the game. You need to defeat him to get the ring.

•  After getting the ring, go back to Sophesia and give it to her. She will reveal her true identity as Queen Sophesia, the former ruler of Calrath, who was betrayed and imprisoned by her husband, the Sundered Monarch. She will also give you her Weapon, a unique sword that has high damage and fire properties.

•  You will also unlock the A Queen's Rest achievement for completing her quest.

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