Kronos WoW Alliance Leveling Guide: Part Two

By Shirley Huang2018-05-08

We have introduced how to level up fast from level 1-37 last time. Today continues introducing leveling guide part two. Many players are more concerned about how to level up fast from level 37-60, so this article is right for them.


Level 37-43: 

- Stranglethorn Vale [Booty Bay, Nesingwary's Expedition and Rebel Camp] 
- Arathi Mountains [Refuge Pointe and Faldir's Cove] 
- Badlands [Various camps around the zone] 
- Desolace [37] 
- Elite Area: Stromgarde 
- Elite Area: Mosh'ogg Mound 
- Instance: Scarlet Monastery 
- Instance: Uldaman 
- Instance: Razorfen Downs 
- Happy Loot: Tiny Black Whelpling (Badlands) 
- Grind Area [37]: Lashtail Raptors (Stranglethorn Vale) 
- Grind Area [37]: Water Elementals (Stranglethorn Vale) 
- Grind Area [37]: Theramore Coast (Dustwallow Marsh) - Turtle Scales & Leathers 
- Grind Area [39]: The spider cave north of Brackenwall (Swamp of Sorrows) 
- Grind Area [39]: Rock Elementals (Badlands) 
- Grind Area [39]: Elder Crag Coyotes (Badlands) 
- Grind Area [41]: Scalding Whelps (Badlands) 
- Grind Area [41]: Agmond's End (Badlands) 
- Grind Area [41]: Ziata'jai Ruins (Venture Co. Stuff, Stranglethorn Vale) 
- Grind Area [43]: Naga Explorers (Stranglethorn Vale)

Level 37 is where you can obtain your next quests’ batch from Stranglethorn Vale. Arathi Highlands has some quests in Faldir's Cove. Badlands has many quests, but you should find them first. When your grinding becomes more efficient, you can try to use this experience. At level 42-43, you should be closing Stranglethorn’s last quests, and be finished with Badlands and Arathi as well.



Level 43-46: 
- Feralas [Feathermoon Stronghold] 
- Tanaris [Gadgetzan, Steamwheedle Port] 
- Instance: Zul'Farrak 
- Grind Area [43]: Wastewander Bandits (Tanaris) 
- Grind Area [44]: Isle of Dread (Feralas - Inside Cave; South of Feathermoon Stronghold) 
- Grind Area [45]: Feral Scar Vale (Feralas) 

Level 46-50: 
- Tanaris [Gadgetzan, Steamwheedle Port] 
- The Hinterlands [Aerie Peak] 
- Instance: Zul'Farrak 
- Instance: Maraudon [49] 
- Instance: Temple of Atal'Hakkar [50] 
- Grind Area [47]: Undead in Western Ashzara (Azshara) 
- Grind Area [47]: Dunemaul Compound (Tanaris) 
- Grind Area [47]: Elementals/Golems around The Cauldron + N of it (Searing Gorge) - Elemental Leatherworking Supplies.

At this point, you have a group of quests saved for the Hinterlands, including the quest to gather Wildkin Feathers (from Rutheran Village), the quest to obtain a snapshot of Gammerita, the quest to obtain Violet Trajan, the last part of Cortello's Riddle and etc.


Level 50-55: 
- Searing Gorge [Kalaran Windblade] 
- Blasted Lands [Blood Elf camp] 
- Un'Goro Crater [Marshal's Refuge] 
- Felwood [Emerald Sanctuary] 
- Burning Steppes [Morgan's Vigil] 
- Instance: Temple of Atal'Hakkar 
- Grind Area [49]: The Overlook Cliffs (The Hinterlands) - Turtle Scales & Rugged Leathers 
- Grind Area [50]: Deadwood Village (Felwood) 
- Grind Area [51]: Ruins of Eldarath (Azshara) 
- Grind Area [52]: Dreadmaul Rock (Firegut Ogres - Burning Steppes) 
- Grind Area [52]: Legash Encampment, Thalassian Base Camp, Ursolan (Azshara) 
- Grind Area [52]: Jaedenar (Felwood) 
- Grind Area [52]: Sorrow Hill (Western Plaguelands) 
- Grind Area [54]: Temple of Arkkoran (Azshara) 
- Grind Area [55]: Jadefire Run, Felpaw Village (Felwood)

The quests in Blasted Lands all stack each other. 4700 experience will be given per turn-in, along with obtaining a Draenethyst Sphere’s chance for Kumi'sha the Collector with every mob you kill. Un'Goro Crater is the biggest collection of quests in all zones.



Level 55-60: 
- Winterspring [Everlook, Starfall Village] 
- Western Plaguelands [Chillwind Point] 
- Eastern Plaguelands [Light's Hope Chapel] 
- Instance: Blackrock Depths 
- Instance: Blackrock Spire [60] 
- Instance: Stratholme [60] 
- Instance: Scholomance [60] 
- Grind Area [55]: Felstone Field, Dalson's Tears, The Writhing Haunt, Gahrron's Withering (Western Plaguelands) 
- Grind Area [56]: Northridge Lumber Camp (Western Plaguelands) 
- Grind Area [56]: Corin's Crossing (Eastern Plaguelands) 
- Grind Area [56]: The Pillar of Ash (Burning Steppes) 
- Grind Area [56]: Winterfall Village (Winterspring) 
- Grind Area [57]: Blackrock Stronghold (Burning Steppes) [NOTE] 
- Grind Area [57]: Ice Thistle Hills (Wintespring) - Rugged Leathers

Please notes: Blackrock Stronghold is probably the best place to grind for a rogue, but you should be used to how the roamers work. While learning them, you'll probably die a few times along the way. Also, this might likely be another area where they're increasing the armor on the mobs, but two of the four kinds of orcs that spawn are casters anyway. Ice Thistle Hills is one of the better places to get a nice quiet grind going and leave a few backpacks full of Rugged Leather, but it is not the best place to grind for experience.


Maybe this isn't a complete grind area list, and it is only our experience for your reference. You have to sit down and grind at one or two places for a few levels before you can move onto the next tier of zones. Don't move around everywhere and you'll be out of there in a few hours or days. More kronos guides or news, please visit our site. If you need kronos wow gold or kronos power leveling services, why don’t try to place an order at mmogah?

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